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Attacking Trump

Tyrannical Impulse? Biden Campaign Staff Talks About Dragging Trump Out of the White House

A Biden campaign spokesman name Andrew Bates, who describes his position as “Director of Rapid Response for @JoeBiden” threatened to have President Donald J.Trump escorted from the White House on Friday should he refuse to concede in the 2020 election, in fact, it is a common reference Bates enjoys making on Twitter:

Shelby Talcott for The Daily Caller reported that Bates’ comment about removing Trump, was made after a statement that Biden is the next president with a projected win in Pennsylvania.

“The Biden campaign has projected strong beliefs that the former vice president will be officially declared the winner, and Bates echoed this belief following reports that Trump won’t concede by suggesting he is a “trespasser” that can be removed from the White House,” she wrote.

A favorite fantasy of the far left is something fresh out of the Chinese Communist Party’s tactics from the “Century of Humiliation” where they get to drag Trump out of the White House in front of the world and mock him in front of his supporters, giving them twice the pleasure of hurting Trump and his supporters.

HERE Is an example of how the left’s fantasy goes, from Baller Alert .com:

Law Enforcement Will Remove Trump Out Of the White House If He Loses The Election

Donald Trump has falsely claimed that he is the winner and vowed to go to the Supreme Court to stop the votes for the 2020 election. Many Americans fear for the worst as he continues to undermine the democratic process.

So what happens if Trump loses this year’s election and refuses to leave the White House?

Biden insists that federal officials “will escort Trump from the White House with great dispatch” if he loses the election.

The most concerning thing about Trump’s apparent threats to not concede in the election is that the country lacks precedent for even dealing with such a scenario.

The peaceful transition of power is what American society is based on, and in past examples of contentious elections, resolutions have been made long before any refusal to concede.

In previous years, when the presidency was contested in any way, candidates have prevailed in the interest of the peaceful transfer to power.

For example, in the 1960s, Richard Nixon conceded to John F Kennedy amid several accusations of voter fraud by the Democrats. In 2000 Vice president Al Gore accepted the Supreme Court’s ruling that George Bush had won the election even though there were many questions about the integrity of Florida’s voting results.

Paul Quirk, a political science professor at the University of British Columbia, told The Independent that it would put law enforcement in a problematic position.

He said, “At some point, the question would become: whose orders do law enforcement obey? Because it would ultimately become a matter of the use of force in one direction or another.”

Nowhere in the US constitution mentions how a president should be removed if they lose the election and refuse to hand over their power to the opponent. So it is hard to say if one would send the FBI, Navy Seals, or whatever law enforcement agencies busting through the West Wing to arrest the recently defeated Donald Trump.

Joshua Sandman, a political science professor at the University of New Haven, said he did not think Trump would ever refuse to leave office after an election because it would destroy his legacy. But he did suggest that the intense congressional and political pressure would force him out of the office quickly.

He said, “The first line of defense would be the Congress, and his party pressuring him out, telling him he must resign or leave.” He added, “If he wants to stay in the White House, he will stay in the White House. But, again, hypothetically, you don’t need that. The White House is symbolic. It’s not a seat of power, necessarily.”

He continues: “All of these are, it’s sort of a work of science fiction. It’s all hypothetical.”

In 2019, during an interview with The Independent, Ross Baker, an American political expert at Rutgers University in New Jersey, predicted what would happen if Trump lost re-election by a very narrow margin.

He said that the scenario would be that the popular vote was won by less than 1% nationwide and that Americans could wake up to tweets from Trump calling the results from the previous day a fraud, and that there was no way that he did not win by huge margins.

Should that happen, Baker says he could imagine the scenario in which the House of Representatives got to decide the electoral college based upon each state’s delegation.

He said, “It would certainly be a constitutional crisis to the first magnitude.”

According, Joe Biden’s campaign released this statement about Donald Trump’s threat not to concede or leave: “The United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

This story is developing…

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