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Two More Women, 4th and 5th, Come Out With Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Cuomo – ‘Resign You Disgusting Monster’

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

It appears that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is going for a half dozen as two more women come forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct by the bully governor.  There are calls for his resignation by Democrats and at this point, it’s going to be difficult for him to remain in office if the allegations are true and if even more women stand up now that the floodgates have seemed to open.

Senator Andrea Cousins-Stewart, the NY Senate Majority Leader, said that if one more accuser comes forward it would be time for Cuomo to quit because he would be done.  For liberals reading this, her words still count even though it wasn’t one more who came forward but two.

“Any further people coming forward, I think it would be time to resign,” Cousins-Stewart told Spectrum News’ Susan Arbetter after being asked what it would take for her to call for Cuomo’s ouster.

And now it seems that the Senate Majority Leader has to walk the walk because now there are two more who came forward.  Apparently, there are a number of other female aides who are talking about more bad behavior by the Democrat governor.

Ana Liss, 35, who worked for Cuomo for two years between 2013 and 2015 as a policy and operations aide, told the Wall Street Journal that the governor, 63, would make advances toward her touching her back and kissing her hand and once asked Liss if she had a boyfriend.  The educated professional aide told the Journal that his demeaning behavior made her feel like “just a skirt,”  adding that Cuomo’s behavior was not “appropriate, really, in any setting.”

Karen Hinton tells a story of the gross story of when Cuomo embraced her at the end of a work event back in 2000 where she tried to pull away from the governor but he pulled Hinton, 62, back into him before she was able to get away from his clutches.

And it appears that Cuomo isn’t just some sexual pervert with female aides, but a real jerk to male aides as well.  Two male aides said that the governor would berate them in public, calling them “pussies” and told them “they have no balls” knowing they couldn’t say anything back because he was the boss.  What a jerk.  A host of other officials former and current told the Journal that Cuomo would frequently ask women all sorts of personal questions about their dating lives and that he would make comments about their appearance, touching them and asking them to wear high heels.  I’m surprised he didn’t make them dance.

With the addition of the two latest to come forward to lend credence to the stories of Lindsey Boylan, Charlotte Bennett, and Anna Ruch, the third not even an aide working for the governor.  She had the unfortunate luck of meeting the sexual pest at a wedding when he immediately asked to kiss her.

Boylan took to social media to give praise to Liss and Hinton for coming forward the way they did:

“I am very proud of Ana Liss. She is brave and she speaks for me too.

‘I just wish—I wish that ?@NYGovCuomo? took me seriously,’ she said.

It’s extremely destructive that our boss, the governor of New York, treated us this way.”

About a half-hour later Boylan tweeted directly to the governor.

“Resign you disgusting monster, @NYGovCuomo

Letitia James, the New York Attorney General’s office confirmed that a notice was sent to Cuomo that his office must preserve all records pertaining to the sexual harassment allegations.  Now it’s getting real.

Has anyone heard rat-face Bill Maher saying that Cuomo will never leave office?

One sad aspect of this saga is that though it would be nice to see Cuomo taken down by these sexual harassment allegations, as he should, but with the allegations taking up many of the headlines Cuomo will not go down for the nursing home scandal where he caused the deaths of innocent seniors over his decision to force COVID-19 infected patients into nursing homes.

The Democratic Party of New York now has a decision to make.  Will they oust Cuomo who only a few short months ago was treated as a god, won an Emmy award for giving COVID press briefings, and was thought of as a potential presidential candidate?  Or will they wait a while to see how much worse it can get for the drowning governor and hope he resigns?

If he worked half as hard to combat COVID in his state as he did trying to get into the pants of his female aides he might have actually earned that Emmy.

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