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Twitter Responds to Hypocrisy of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) on Wednesday For Tweeting ‘Lock up Kyle Rittenhouse and throw away the key’

Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) took to social media on Wednesday and called for Kyle Rittenhouse to be locked up.

“Lock up Kyle Rittenhouse and throw away the key,” the tweet declares, apparently passing judgment before the conclusion of the widely-watched trial.

He is an elected member of Congress passing judgement before the trial has ended. I can understand the racist lady on MSNBC or any of the clown show at CNN saying something like that, because let’s face it, they are stupid people. You have to be stupid to call Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist for shooting three white people, and that’s what the lunatic pundits on those two propaganda cable news networks have done. Well, they’re the same herd that referred to California gubernatorial candidate and longtime talk show host Larry Elder as “The face of white supremacy.” Elder is a black man.

Jeffries is the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. That is the body that “nominates and elects the House Democratic Leadership, approves committee assignments, makes Caucus rules, enforces party discipline, and serves as a forum to develop and communicate party policy and legislative priorities.”

From the website:

The Caucus nominates and elects the House Democratic Leadership, approves committee assignments, makes Caucus rules, enforces party discipline, and serves as a forum to develop and communicate party policy and legislative priorities. It accomplishes these tasks through weekly Caucus Meetings, on-going Issue Task Force, the yearly Caucus Issues Conference, periodic special events, and continual Member-to-Member communication.

That’s a pretty responsible position for someone who just dismissed our system of due process.

Kyle Rittenhouse, who is now 18, shot two people fatally and wounded another last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the Jacob Blake rioting in that city when Rittenhouse was only 17-years-old.

Rittenhouse has continued to maintain that he took his actions in self defense. Every pertinent video of the events of that day proves it.

Context is everything. The city was under siege by rioters and looters. There weren’t enough police to protect innocent people from the animals who were looting stores, setting buildings on fire, and assaulting people. People like Rittenhouse volunteered to do several things: provide medical treatment to people hurt in the riot (Rittenhouse was a trained lifeguard with some emergency training), help protect business storefronts from being destroyed by rioters, and help put out fires.

Rittenhouse was even filmed cleaning graffiti off of a local high school wall with other volunteers. He did not travel over state lines with the rifle he carried during the incident. He received the rifle after he was already in Wisconsin. Many disgraceful cable news pundits said he traveled over state lines with a rifle. It was a lie.

Twitter took notice, and many slammed the congressman who saying such a thing on his campaign account.

One Twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy of Jeffries’s tweet by pointing out a past tweet that contradicts the new one.

“This you Hakeem? Or was it a different Hakeem Jeffries from NY?”

Billy Binion, Assistant Editor for pointed out how meaningless the congressman really is.

“For someone who has (rightly) dedicated much of his work to reforming the criminal justice system, this is really disappointing.

Principles should remain consistent, no matter how unsympathetic you find the defendant to be. Otherwise they’re meaningless.”

Another blue check mark user, Dan O’Donnell, chimed in to point out Jeffries’s hypocrisy.

Kevin McCarthy’s BFF, RINO Frank Luntz gave his two cents.

“This was not a smart thing for Rep. Jeffries’ social media manager to tweet about an ongoing courtroom trial.”

Glenn Greenwald, one of my favorite writers at Substack, asked a question that sums up Jeffries’s politicization of the system of justice.

“What happened to the whole thing about criminal justice reform, prison abolition, the evils of the carceral state, the inherent pro-prosecution bias, rehabilitative justice?

It all instantly disappears based if the accused has the wrong ideology. Then it’s: law and order!”


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