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Attacking Trump

Twitter Employees Have Long History of Vitriolic Hatred for Trump and His Supporters

In the aftermath of the New York Post, the 4th largest newspaper in the United States, being censored by social media, they discovered that the top executives of the social media giant Twitter have a deep-rooted history of hatred for President Donald Trump after taking a look at dozens of accounts of the top workers.

The vicious vitriol and, in some cases, vows to help Joe Biden across the finish line in November’s presidential election, and revealed that erlier this week when they immediately decided to censor Post’s story of Hunter Biden’s emails to a consultant for the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

“GET HIM OUT,” a senior site reliability engineer tweeted on August 18. “What a f–king baboon.”  That worker is reliably biased if nothing else.

One manager with almost nine years on the job said he was quite keen to watch Biden “crush [Trump] in the election” and that he hoped the president would “be utterly humiliated while also suffering greatly from #COVID19.” In another tweet he fantasized about the president being put on a ventilator.

He calls Trump “a f–king idiot” and the voters who elected him — “hysterically f–king stupid people.”

These are the “professionals” of Twitter. #SMH

At the same time the Twitter employee has been a consistent advocate for his company’s efforts to take down the president on the platform and curb the spread of “misinformation.”  This, even though they haven’t ever curbed the misinformation about Trump, which is unbelievably high on the leftist social media platform/publisher site.

“I’m really proud of how quickly we’ve worked to make this possible for the US elections,” he wrote.  Not an ounce of fairness from these people.  They don’t win elections that are fairly run.

Others publicly wish the president harm.

A year later, he started the new year by tweeting “Happy 2018! Donald Trump is dead!”

None of these hateful comments have ever been flagged by Twitter or been subject to any other form of official sanction, even as the social-media giant dishes out discipline to others for sharing legitimate news stories that might hurt Biden. The company finally ordered the vicious tweet to be deleted on May 29 — years after being posted, and after many complaints about the hypocrisy going on at the site.

And is it just me or has anyone else noticed that like Fake News, every time a social media site has to admit that an action taken against Trump was accidental, the “accident” never goes in Trump’s favor?  It’s always when it’s a hit against the president.

You can plain as daylight that throughout Twitter employees show an eagerness to see Trump lose in November.  And this goes back years apparently.  It is way beyond trying to influence voters using political arguments, no, they’ve been attacking the president’s tweets as being misinformation when they’re not misinformation at all, but successful attacks on his opponent, Joe Biden.

A talent brand program manager (where do they come up with these titles?) cried after Trump was elected president and publicly vowed to oppose him.

These are not rational people.

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

A global project manager, who has worked for the company for over a decade, proudly tweeted that he was phone banking for Joe Biden.

A vice president in sales finance said supporting Biden alone was not sufficient enough, and urged colleagues to spread cash to Democrats in tight Senate races.

A woman who has worked for Twitter since 2012, took only one hiatus since during a four-month tour of duty as a data analyst for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.  She bragged about how her husband twice sued the Trump administration.

These people are radicals running a major social media company, so it’s no wonder they are biased.  And that’s fine, but don’t then tell us you’re a platform when you start censoring people who aren’t as loony tunes, toys-in-the-attack, bat-guano crazy.

“Trump must be defeated,” a group product manager tweeted out.

One crazy left employee tweeted out last month that her puppy was part of the resistance.

“Every night my dog takes a crap on the lawn of the one house on our street with a Trump sign,” she said proudly.

How juvenile are these snowflakes?  Yet, crazy as they are, they’re controlling a major tech giant.

Ad hominem attacks toward President Trump and his administration have been consistent and very open amongst Twitter’s longtime ranks.

What this translates into is if you are a Trump supporter they hate you too.  Their hatred is not honed in on just Donald Trump, but on half the country who support him.  They don’t like America and the way it’s supposed to work, which is what Trump has been trying to bring back for four years, and very successfully until the Chinese virus pandemic came along.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine why they solely selectively implement these guidelines. It’s as a result of the individuals who work there all consider the identical issues,” GOP strategist Chris Barron informed The Submit. “A liberal [verified account] by no means has to pay a worth for advocating violence.”

“We don’t rent based mostly on political views and fully assist our staff’ proper to specific themselves and assist the causes they care about,” Twitter’s Chief Human Sources Officer Jennifer Christie mentioned in a press release to The Submit.

“Our staff are professionals, and we require them to carry objectivity to their work no matter their private views. We is not going to be dissuaded from persevering with to work to pretty and impartially implement our guidelines.”

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