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Twitter Disabled Trump Tweet, Kaleigh McEnany Reacts on Twitter, Talks about Victory

Kaleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary, and Senior Advisor to the committee to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, was on Fox News Tuesday morning to both discuss Trump’s reaction to a Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling about ballots in PA, and to give the campaign’s reaction to the ballot ruling and how it will impact the election final.

Trump tweeted Monday night in between his 5 “barnstorm” campaign rallies, about the SCOTUS remarks on PA Ballots.

Twitter has censored the tweet, has placed a “fact check”on the tweet and it has been disabled from being shared on Twitter, but the content is available:

“The Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one. It will allow rampant and unchecked cheating and will undermine our entire systems of laws. It will also induce violence in the streets. Something must be done!,” Trump posted.

McEnany said in the end that the campaign is confident that there will be such a landslide that in the end, the legislation will be meaningless, but that they are not ready to give up on it.

McEnany talked about Joe Biden refusing to concede, and talked about the Trafalgar poll, “we believe this will be a landslide, and that they are doubling down on Hillary Clintons statement,” she said.

“We believe Ohio is a lock and it is a Republican, President Trump lock. We won 3 days in Miami in early voting, so we thin we have Florida,” she said.

“Talking about PA and the locked tweet, McEnany said, “What is happening is the PA legislature says that ballots must be counted as they arrive and what the Democrats did is say that they can count backward, and up to three days after election day, and that is not how it works. The United States Constitution says that State legislatures decide the time, manner and place that elections are conducted, and the Pennsylvania legislature has spoken and they believe the court is wrong and the Supreme court has not fully ruled on this and we will take our case to the Supreme Court as needed but we don’t thin it will come down to that because we are pretty sure, and I am predicting now that we win Nevada, we win Minnesota, and I do believe that President Trump has a landslide and this talk of litigation is nothing,” she said.

“We believe we will win in Des Moines poll that shows Trump ahead by 7 points, and the story of this election is this: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan victory ending in Nevada. That is because Hispanic and Black voters came to President and that is because he has been out there fighting for every vote. The story is that the President fought for the people, and they are fighting for him,” she said.

We will be at the White House watching the returns, the people are going to fight for us today.

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