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Twelve Democrat-Run Cities Already Broke Their Own Homicide Records In 2021, And The Year Isn’t Over yet

The murder rate in America has skyrocketed. Twelve cities have broken annual homicide records in 2021 and all of them are run by Democrats. There is no hiding from this because it’s the truth and numbers don’t lie.

You would think that 2021 wouldn’t be as bad as 2020, what with the nightly rioting that took place in Democrat cities across the country where the leaders in those cities not only did virtually nothing to stop the violence but seemingly encouraged it by jumping on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) bandwagon and declaring that while you cannot go to church or a sporting event or a Trump rally because COVID made it too dangerous, it was perfectly safe to protest, riot, loot, and burn down cities because a career criminal named George Floyd died of a drug overdose while police were arresting him for passing off counterfeit money at a local convenience store.

It appears that the political cowardice of 2020 that forced frightened Democrats to go along with the Defund the Police BLM movement that led to other things like revoking bail in cities where criminals are thriving was setting up what was to come. What was the come is now here.

Philadelphia comes in at the top of the list, exceeding 500 murders as of November 26, breaking last year’s numbers, and there’s a whole month left to go in the year. You have to go back to the Mayor Wilson Goode days of 1990 for when that many people were murdered in the City of Brotherly Love.

The rest of the top 5 come in with Indianapolis with 246 murders, Columbus at 179 murders, Louisville at 175 homicides, and Baton Rouge with 137.

Philadelphia hit 521 homicides by December 6. If my Philadelphia Roman Catholic High School math is correct, that’s 21 additional homicides in ten days. It makes up a 13% increase from last year. There are about 1.5 million residents living in Philadelphia. New York has about 8 million residents with 443 homicides as of December 5.

The rest of the Democrat-run cities that have broken homicide records are Albuquerque with 82 homicides, Tucson at 80, Portland with 72 homicides, Rochester coming in with 71, Toledo with 62 homicides, Austin at 60, and St. Paul at 35.

Don’t forget that these dozen Democrat-run cities are listed because they have broken their own homicide records in 2021, which isn’t even over yet. Chicago still holds the lead coming in with 739 homicides by the end of November. As of this writing, Chicago has 819 homicides according to HeyJackass, a site that has kept violent crimes statistics on Chicago for years.

And the mainstream news media is doing its job as the Praetorian Guard for Democrat politicians by providing cover for their culpability in the rising homicide rates. Of course, let’s not forget that if we had an honest news media, the homicide rates would more than likely be much lower.

For example, ABC News published an analysis of the rising homicide rates and they concluded that there is “no clear answer” to explain why the cities are experiencing record-breaking numbers. None whatsoever. Of course, they failed to even mention that all of the cities are run by Democrats who were overly sympathetic to the Defund the Police movement. Does ABC News think that had nothing to do with the rising homicide rates?

While there are egg headed “experts” who come out of the woodwork for spots on CNN and MSNBC and other useless networks to argue that there are a range of factors for why people kill other people, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand that fewer cops on the streets of a city made the city less safe for its residents. How come the mainstream news media is afraid to say that? I just did, and it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, I feel fine.

Back to the City of Brotherly Love where I was born and raised. Philly’s City Council voted back in June 2020 to cut police funding by $33 million. City Council announced, “In addition to approving the budget with reductions in police spending — reversing years of annual police budget increases — Council voted to approve three significant reform bills addressing the police department in various ways.”

That was during what I refer to as The timorous period when it suddenly dawned on Democrats that they could no longer control the angry mobs they created and used to grab political gains. The mobs were willing to turn on the Democrats because they realized the Democrats were culpable for most of the things they were complaining about. So the politicians had to take on the role of a leader who understood their complaints and agreed with the mob, and they were going to do something about it.

Well, Philly’s City Council did something about it alright. And then 17 months later, the city reported the highest number of homicides since Wilson Goode in 1990. And that’s fine, because what they did saved their own skin at a time when the politicians feared they would be hanging from a wall. They didn’t care one iota for the people who were murdered thanks to the policies they implemented. It was all about saving their own hide.

This pattern happened pretty much all the cities that saw homicide rates rise because of policies implemented by Democrats.

On top of losing cops because of defunding police departments, the cities have lost thousands of good police officers who could no longer put up with the degradations received from their own political leaders. If you have fewer cops on the street, that means the officers who are left to protect the communities have to do a lot more with a lot less support and backup. Between stand down orders given so police have to watch crime happen in front of their eyes and they are helpless to act, to watching violent criminals get released from jail faster than the officers can finish the paperwork on their arrest thanks to policies removing bail requirements, to lack of equipment, and the knowledge that your bosses do not have your back when you do your job, cities are in real trouble as more and more cops leave the job.

It’s a mess created by Democrats and they can’t blame anyone else. Let’s pay attention and watch how they try.

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