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Attacking Trump

Blistering Tweet from Gaetz to Hillary Clinton Jolts A Chorus Of Trump Supporters

When Politics get funny…

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida was the subject of a nasty-gram “article” in Yahoo News by a far-left journalist, and it was picked up and promoted by none other than former First Lady, Former New York Senator, Former Secretary of State and two times failed Presidential candidate, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Ever since Clinton lost to President Donald J. Trump in a historic landslide, Clinton has refused to accept the humiliating defeat and she has joined the “Resistance” to Trump’s administration.

Friday Clinton reacted to a Yahoo article, and then Gaetz, the subject of the article hit back – hard and reacted to Clinton. The whole thing made an interesting comical thread of tweets.

What started it?

“For once, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) probably doesn’t want anyone paying attention to him. Gaetz, a vocal conservative and supporter of President Trump, appears to have violated House ethics rules with spending throughout his four years in office, a Politico investigation has found,” Kathryn Krawczyk wrote for Yahoo News.


In the Politico hit piece that Yahoo picked up, the reporter wrote,”Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has privately engaged in several spending practices in his nearly four years in office that appear to be in conflict with the House’s ethics rules, a POLITICO investigation has found.”

So Gaetz has a media studio and speechwriter.  OK.  Most candidates do.

Clinton, unwilling to wait for any old fashioned “due process”, herself the participant of many corrupt exploitations of taxpayer funds over the past 25 years wrote:

“Person.Woman, Man, Camera. TV”

Gaetz, who is not afraid to hit back wrote, making a reference to how Clinton deleted emails she had been ordered to turn over:

The responses were brutal!


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stephen Hale

    July 26, 2020 at 10:09 am

    I wonder when Clinton will call those deployed Federal agents, that Pelosi called “stormtroopers,” DEPLOYABLES.

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