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Censoring Social Media

Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk Locked Out of His Twitter Account For Posting a Link About Voter Fraud

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, excoriated Twitter after the social media tech giant blocked him for “violating rules against posting misleading information about voting.”

I’d like to say that this is going too far, but it’s not the first outrageous thing Twitter has done recently.  They systematically blocking leading conservative voices from their so-called platform, and their actions make them a publisher.

“I’m kind of in a hostage situation with Twitter,” Kirk said Sunday on Fox News’ “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton.”

“I do not have access to my Twitter account because I tweeted a widely reported story.”

The social media giant, which was ripped by lawmakers and political pundits last week for blocking users from sharing a New York Post article about emails allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, blocked Kirk from using the platform after he tweeted out a story about mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania in which he incorrectly stated that people had requested multiple ballots, but that’s because it’s what the story itself said, until they updated it.

Of course, we’ve heard absolutely nothing from Democrats about the censorship, because it helps them politically.  That’s the whole point of what Twitter is doing.

An updated version of the report stated that a number of people in the battleground state requested multiple ballot applications.  So now, instead of just labeling a post as misinformation, which was how the tech giant originally started off their election interference, they now block the account of people who share the articles.

“Things are constantly changing in the news cycle,” Kirk said. “Why should Twitter have the power to silence my entire 1.8 million person audience just because a news story changes and I tweeted something that was absolutely and completely widely reported at the time.”

The New York Post, the fourth largest newspaper in the country, founded on November 16, 1801, 219 years old, had their Twitter account locked since last Wednesday, when they tweeted out a legitimate news story they published about emails that show Hunter Biden was involved in some very shady and corrupt business deals with foreign adversaries, and there was a lot of incriminating evidence against his father who happens to be running for president.  The tech giant has refused to unlock the account until they delete six tweets related to the story.  We are living in George Orwell’s IngSoc.

Facebook also came under heavy fire last week after the two blocked users from sharing that Post article revealing communication between Biden’s son, Hunter, and an adviser to a Ukrainian power firm.

It was reported that one person turned in 11 duplicate ballots.  That person should be arrested for voter fraud, but according to Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the news media, voter fraud doesn’t exist.

Pennsylvania is a key state needed to gain the White House and may be thee state to call the race.  So, what’s going on?

I live in Pennsylvania, and the local news has been reporting Trump ballots being found in Dumpsters and trash piles.  One local report showed thousands of Trump ballots floating down a creek.  Governor Tom Wolf and the Democratic Party are trying to rig the Pennsylvania election for Joe Biden by eliminating as many Trump ballots as possible.  These are not mistakes as Twitter and Facebook want you to believe.  They are deliberate acts of election interference, and no one is talking about it outside local news.  That’s why Twitter is blocking people who sound the alarm.  My girlfriend received no less than a dozen applications for a mail-in ballot and 5 actual mail-in ballots.  She supports Donald Trump, but she is a registered Democrat.  I am a registered Republican, and I’ve received nothing in the mail.  Nothing.

The problem with that kind of mailing is that there are unscrupulous people who would take the ballot inside the extra envelopes and fill out someone else’s name to vote for Biden.  I believe this is done by design.  Pennsylvania, especially around the Philadelphia area, is known for Democratic operatives committing voter fraud in every election.  In fact, the reason why Pennsylvania authorities back in 2016 when Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, demanded a recount for Pennsylvania said there was no reason to do a recount, Donald Trump won, was because they feared their spigot system of voter fraud would be uncovered.

For decades, Pennsylvania Democrats have sent school buses filled to the brim with activists who show up in every county in the state and vote under a different name.  They get back on the bus, then drive to the next county, get off the bus and go vote with whatever name the operatives hand them on an index card.  How do I know this? I was told by former Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo when I volunteered for him when he ran for Mayor again as a Republican.  Project Veritas caught a New York Election commissioner explaining their spigot system using pretty much the same words I just did in an undercover video sting.

I say now that I know I will probably never be able to prove this, but I am convinced that there are Democrats in DC who have reached a deal with the tech giants to do everything they can to make Donald Trump lose, and blocking bad news coming out against Joe Biden is just one front in their war on our election process.

“Most rejected applications were deemed duplicates because voters had unwittingly checked a request box during the primary. The administrative nightmare highlights the difficulty of ramping up mail-in voting on the fly,” reported the independent publication.  Trump me, this was done on purpose.

ProPublica said that one out of every 5 requests for mail-in ballots have been rejected.  I don’t believe that for a second.  The amount of corruption in this election has never been seen before, but people all over the country are talking about what they’re seeing.  Many people who voted in the primary back in June  checked off a box to request a mail-in ballot for the presidential election.

A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania State Department declared that despite the high rate of rejected ballot applications, voters who made more than one request “should” eventually receive their ballot. Actually, they will receive a ballot for every request, because the states were not ready for this kind of election and they don’t have their act together.  They can also head to the polls on Election Day.  Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, is a Democrat, and I don’t trust Democrats as far as they can be thrown.  I believe this crooked state government, lead by Wolf, made it so that people can vote twice, once by mail and then again on Election Day at the polls.  This was a problem we saw recently uncovered in Georgia.

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