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Turned in by a Relative: Walk Away Founder Brandon Straka Arrested by FBI

On Monday, News went viral with a story about the founder of the Walk Away movement, Brandon Straka, being arrested by the FBI for his connection to the events at the US Capitol on January 6th, when he entered the US Capitol and reported about his experience on his social media.

The FBI said that “Witness-1” in their report was a relative of Straka who pointed investigators to a video Straka had posted to Twitter. After the video was deleted from Twitter, the relative let the agent know there was a copy of the video posted to YouTube.”

Buzz Patterson, a candidate for US Congress and a friend of Straka’s, posted about the arrest.

“Brandon Straka is a friend of mine and a great guy. He’s been arrested by the @fbi for actions at the Capitol on Jan 6th. I have no idea what circumstances prompted the FBI to pursue this, but I’d much rather see REAL justice by bringing Brennan, Comey, Strozk, Obama, to court.”

Straka, 44, was taken into custody on Monday by agents from the FBI Omaha Field Office and faces charges of impeding a law enforcement officer during civil disorder, knowingly entering and remaining on restricted grounds without lawful authority, and/or engaging in disorderly conduct within proximity to a restricted building to impede official functions and engaging in disorderly conduct with the intent to disturb a hearing before Congress according to FBI reports.

From the Report it was a relative of Straka’s who helped the FBI get information on him:

“The FBI received multiple tips referencing the video of STRAKA at the U.S. Capitol, including a tip from Witness-1. I interviewed Witness-1 on January 13. Witness-1 stated that he/she was a relative of STRAKA. Witness-1 stated that he/she watched a video that Straka had filmed and posted of himself on the “cusp” of entering the U.S. Capitol.

Witness-1 stated that STRAKA could be heard on the video saying, “We’re going in. We’re going in.” Witness1 stated that Straka had since deleted the video from Twitter.

Later on January 13, Witness-1 contacted me to advise that he/she had found a copy of the STRAKA video on YouTube. Witness-1 advised that the video was the same video he/she had previously viewed through STRAKA’s Twitter account. Witness-1 then sent me a link to a video on YouTube titled “Straka attacking the Capitol on Jan 6th.” The video description read, “Fair use historical record of Brandon Straka storming the Capitol on Jan 6th.”

Witness-1 sent me a link to the video. The video is eight minutes and 37 seconds in length. The video started with footage of STRAKA1 walking through a crowd of people standing at or near the base of a set of steps leading up to the U.S. Capitol entrance.

STRAKA then walked up the steps and through a crowd of people standing on the steps. While doing so, STRAKA could be heard stating, “They seem to be summoning people to get inside.”

Another individual could be heard saying, “We’re going in.” STRAKA then stated, “We’re going in. They’re saying we’re going in. We’re going in. We’re going in. The people are going in.”

It is unclear, from numerous witnesses, if people were allowed in the Capitol on the 6th at that time, or not.

There is a controversy brewing over the arrest of numerous conservative activists or participants in what was meant to be a sign of support for President Donald J. Trump, with the appearance of a two-tiered system of justice, with the left being left off of crimes and not pursued, and the right being persecuted.

After years of watching the left and Democrats protest and even riot over several concerns, the country seems to be experiencing a hyper-vigilant focus on Trump supporters from one event.

Paul Sperry, Former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, reported:

“BREAKING: FBI sources say the Washington Field Office of the FBI has opened “zero” cases on the violent leftist/anarchist group Antifa, while in contrast opening several investigations of loosely formed “far-right extremist organizations” including “ProudBoys” & “OathKeepers.”

Straka is currently in federal custody and will have his initial appearance in Federal Court on Tuesday, January 26th.

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