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Tucker’s Epic Roast Of Eric Swalwell After Hoax: “Labrador With A Head Injury”

Eric Swalwell is a man with a face that only a mother or a Chinese hooker-spy could love. Some say he lied his whole life. That is a bald-faced lie. He hasn’t even lived his whole life yet.

He’s not overly bright either. He got fooled by the Lincoln Project and they aren’t exactly MENSA candidates themselves.

The Lincoln Project got some Democratic activists to pretend to be Republican racists. Without waiting to see what the truth was, Swalwell issued a tweet condemning Youngkin for being a racist.


Gateway Pundit reported:

The Lincoln Project, a group of pyscho Trump-hating Republican operatives, issued a statement Friday afternoon claiming credit for the false flag Tiki torch stunt Friday morning in Charlottesville that targeted the campaign of Republican candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin. (Update at end, a liberal activist claims co-credit.)

The stunt was reported by WVIC-TV reporter Elizabeth Holmes who reported the operatives said something like, “We’re all in for Glenn,”
as they formed up in front of the Youngkin campaign bus parked outside an event at a Guadalajara Restaurant in Charlottesville.

From the video:

“One person in DC who fell hard for that hoax immediately was California congressman Eric Swalwell. You probably aren’t surprised to learn that. It is not a partisan point to note that whatever else he may be Eric Swalwell is legitimately stupid.

Some of his colleagues have compared him to a Labrador with a head injury. That doesn’t seem quite fair. There is literally no chance Eric Swalwell could ever find a tennis ball. He can barely remember to breathe. Our enemies know just how dumb Eric Swalwell is and they have exploited it. If you are a marginally attractive Chinese spy, for example, hoping to commit bizarre sex acts with an American politician in order to steal this countries secrets sooner or later you would end up at Swalwell’s place because it is just too easy.

This morning Swalwell was staring at the internet as he often is when he saw the picture of those fake Nazis in front of Glenn Younkin’s campaign bus in Virginia. Here is the amazing part.

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