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Tucker Carlson Hammers DC Swamp in Scathing Segment

Tucker Carlson set the entire swamp on fire Wednesday!

Tucker Carlson set the entire swamp on fire Wednesday as Dems and GOP lawmakers go all-in on an endless war with Russia.

Carlson slammed Republicans for not bothering to question the potential motives behind Biden’s push to fight Russia, which has one of the smallest economies in the world.

Carlson took aim at the usual swamp creatures, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer but paid special attention to SC-R Lindsey Graham who is currently pushing to name Russia a “sponsor of terrorism”.

“Defeat Putin. Will that improve your life? Is it improving the lives of the Ukrainians right now? No, it’s not,” Carlson said. “And yet, every person who has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision going back forty years is on the same page.”

The Daily Caller co-founder cited former White House national security adviser John Bolton admitting to CNN Tuesday he had formed coups in foreign countries and therefore said the Jan. 6 Capitol riot did not classify as one.

Carlson mocked CNBC host Jim Cramer calling on President Joe Biden to arm Ukrainians in order for them to successfully defeat Russia. He added that setting up a no-fly zone is not the best foreign policy option.

“Wait, what? I tuned in to find out whether I should buy Cisco on the dip, and you’re a foreign policy expert now? The American economy is in serious trouble, it’s heading south faster than anyone anticipated,” the host said. “But instead, you turn on CNBC and the geniuses are talking about World War III. And they’re not the only ones.”

Carlson also questioned just how big of a threat Putin is to the US and Europe. New York just dropped a PSA video that gave New Yorkers the ‘three steps needed to survive a nuclear attack.

“If you were drinking beer and this came on TV, you would think maybe she was giving you advice on what to do if your basement floods or if there’s a heat wave,” he said. “Then you hear the part where she says, ‘radioactive dust’ and you snap, ‘radioactive dust?’ You’re suggesting someone might lob a nuclear weapon into our largest city? What? What the hell are you talking about? How did we get so close to nuclear war that the city of New York is telling me to wash the radioactive dust off my pants? This is total lunacy. This is crazy.”

Carlson accused Republicans of ‘colluding’ with the Biden administration to induce fear in Americans about a potential nuclear threat from Russia.

His segment was a ‘take no prisoners’ attack against the calls for a never-ending war amid the economic crisis here in the US.

McKenna Dallmeyer
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