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Tucker Carlson Demolished NPR After They Claimed An Emoji Belongs To Trans People


Fox News host Tucker Carlson demolished NPR for trying to claim that a silly emoji should belong to the trans community.

Conservatives recently started a movement to reclaim the rainbow which was previously used as a symbol for the LBGTQ community. So I am guessing this freaky new trend is in response to that movement.

“Now, you might think energy prices, the stock market, the pending worldwide food shortage, impending nuclear war with Russia might be something a national news organization would cover but not at NPR,” Carlson said setting up the segment.

Continuing to mock the leftist taxpayer-funded station, Carlson said: “NPR is always focused on the bigger issues, the ones that matter. Issues so grave we couldn’t even invent them if we wanted to because we lack the imagination.”

Carlson played a clip of loony NPR liberals weirdly claiming that ‘gay people love dinosaurs’. It was a collection of strange clips of various media figures from the publicly funded news agency claiming that dinosaurs belong to the LBGTQ community:

RILEY BLACK: Many people who are queer. Whether they are trans or some other form of genderqueer, or whatever it is. We love dinosaurs.

BEN BROCK JOHNSON: Along with being a dinosaur enthusiast, Riley is herself transgender and according to Riley there is a whole community of genderqueer dinosaur enthusiasts online. We had no idea, so we checked it out. Sure enough, they are there. We found dozens of paleoartists online that identify as queer.

AMORY SIVERSTON: Type dinosaur into the LGBT subreddit, hundreds of results with pride at dinosaurs, rainbow dinosaurs, dino moms, dino dads, and a lot of puns, like ally-saurus. 

JOHNSON: Trans-ceratops.

Reacting to the lunacy, Carlson sarcastically said “oh the trans-ceratops! At first, we thought where we knew the segment was going to go, trans dinosaurs. Transgenderism isn’t something that appeared out of nowhere, bigot, it dates back to the Jurassic era, the trans-ceratops.”

“Sadly there will be no David Attenborough documentary on nonbinary two spirit t-rexes.” Instead, Carlson noted, “the segment turned, as all NPR segments inevitably do, towards self-love and its twin self-pity.”

BLACK: To see our social enemies, for lack of a better term, taking these symbols and trying to use it as their dog whistle, it was something where it’s just like, where is this even coming from? This makes zero sense and also dinosaurs are ours. I hate to speak the entire trans or genderqueer community but like no. We’ve already been wondering about them and drawing them and interested. 

SIVERSTON: No matter who you are, if you see something beloved taken over by someone else, that can be hard. Suddenly gender queer fans of dinos everywhere felt under attacks as TERFs kept dropping the emoji into their feeds.

After airing the second soundbite, Carlson laughed and noticed that “it’s all so crazy that you might be tempted to dismiss it but what it really is is what everything that side believes is.”

“Since when did dinosaurs belong to the trans community? Dinosaurs are everyone. But it makes sense actually because it’s NPR. By appropriating pterodactyl emojis the other side is basically killing dinosaurs all over again. That’s how much harm they’re causing. An extinction,” Carlson noted mockingly.

Watch Here

Carlson’s segment, however comical, highlighted a very real complaint against NPR. The tax-payer-funded agency has long been a political weapon for the left even though part of its funding comes from everyday patriots who don’t support the left’s extreme ideologies.

It’s high time NPR asks their overlords at the DNC to fund their little program and get out of the American publics’ pockets if you ask me.

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