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Tucker Carlson Calls Out Pete Buttigieg Demands He Resign (VIDEO)

Spot on.

Tucker Carlson referred to Pete Buttigieg as a disgrace during a recent monologue on his show and suggested that he should step down from his position as transportation secretary.

Tucker made the observation that Buttigieg ought to be concerned about the rising cost of fuel, particularly diesel, but it does not appear that he is in the least bit interested in this topic.

He then showed a video of Buttigieg addressing abortion and questioned the candidate about why he is even talking about the topic. It’s a good question.

Tucker said,

Let’s say just for the sake of a mind experiment, that you’re the secretary of transportation for the United States of America. That’s a big job, but what would you do all day? Well, that’s a pretty easy one, because every secretary of transportation has the same two concerns, the overriding concerns, and despite what they may tell you, neither one of these concerns has anything to do with systemic racism.

So, your first concern would be the price of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is what makes transportation possible in this country. Virtually everything you buy in America arrived by diesel engine. Our entire trucking fleet runs on diesel; so does every single freight locomotive in the United States.

If diesel prices get too high, transportation and you have the secretary of transportation, stops. The price of nearly everything becomes unaffordable. So, inflation is directly connected to transportation and transportation requires diesel.

It turns out that diesel fuel prices are the key to a lot of the American economy and you would know that. Your second concern, if you were transportation secretary, would be domestic air travel. This is a huge country. It’s far too big a country not to have reliable commercial flights from one place to another.

Businesses depend on the airlines and so do families. For generations, they’ve been able to depend on the airlines. America has had the most efficient air service in the world. Planes land on time. They don’t crash. So, maintaining that system of air travel is probably the top concern of the United States Transportation Department.

The Biden economy is breaking the backs of Americans. He’s standing around saying that families have more savings and they’re happier, and blah blah blah. But the reality is that we’re struggling out here and every poll in America shows that we hate the Biden regime.

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