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Tucker Carlson and Harmeet Dhillon Discuss Ashley Biden’s Accusations in Diary And Joe Biden Using FBI To Politically Target Journalists [VIDEO]

Joe Biden used the FBI as his personal police force.

On Friday’s edition of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson once again showed that he is willing to go where most outlets will not by bringing up issues where Joe Biden is accused of some highly disturbing situations in a diary that was written by his daughter.

Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, had a drug issue. Another child of Joe Biden with a drug problem. The First Daughter was in a rehab and when she checked out she accidentally left her diary in her room, under the mattress. It was found, reportedly, by the next occupant of the room. It was shopped around and then made its way into the hands of Project Veritas, the undercover journalism outfit run by James O’Keefe, who if he wasn’t a Constitutional loving conservative, would have gotten awards by now for the undercover pieces Project Veritas has produced.

James O’Keefe said that his organization never published the diary because at the time they couldn’t verify that it was real. Well, it was real, but he no longer had it when the FBI raided his home.

This story got national attention back in November when the FBI raided the homes of Project Veritas journalists, including the founder O’Keefe’s home, searching for any information that would lead to getting the diary. FBI agents said that the diary was stolen.

Okay, since when is a stolen diary worthy of FBI raids on your home, and for journalists doing their jobs honestly and legally? A stolen diary isn’t a federal crime by any stretch of the imagination. So what gives?

Harmeet Dhillon appeared on Tucker’s show and pointed out that the story of the diary being stolen is not only a blatant lie, but it’s completely irrelevant.

Tucker begins the segment by pointing out one of the most obscene charges Ashley wrote in her diary, that our president once showered with his daughter, where she wrote it was “inappropriate,” meaning, she was old enough to remember it happening and describes the incident as something perverse and unseemly.

She believes this incident caused her to have sexual compulsion issues as she got older.

The New York Times confirmed late last year that the diary is real. The president wouldn’t send the FBI out to raid people’s homes if it didn’t exist, so the only defense the President of the United States has is to throw his daughter under the bus and call her a liar. What the heck, he threw Hunter under the bus by sending him out to do shady, lucrative deals with foreign governments, knowing he had a serious drug problem.

The question is, why is this story catching no media coverage? Donald Trump Jr. was asked to have a meeting with a Russian woman who said she had dirt on Hillary Clinton and the meeting lasted about 10 minutes until Don Jr. realized it was bogus and he ended it and walked out. The media went into a frenzy over the story that had nothing to it. They called him a traitor, a criminal, and all kinds of other vile filth over a big nothingburger. Yet we have here the daughter of the president says some really bad things about her father and you can hear a pin drop. Why? We know why.

What do you think would have happened if Donald Trump‘s daughter Ivanka had written the same thing in a dairy? Do you think the misinformation news media would ignore that? Not on your life. Trump once made a joke about how beautiful his daughter is that if she weren’t his daughter, she would be the type of woman he would date. It was a stupid backwards way of complimenting his daughter, but the press went wild with it, accusing Trump of heinous things. Again, not a peep from the same Fake News people when a story breaks that Biden’s daughter accuses her father of doing something that is akin to child molestation.

Carlson brought in Harmeet Dhillon, a power lawyer who is representing Project Veritas over the FBI raiding their employee’s homes. Dhillon pointed out that instead of the news being about the appalling allegations against the president by his own daughter, they made it about the FBI unconstitutionally targeting journalists, claiming they purchased stolen property when it wasn’t stolen at all.

Dhillon explained that there is nothing illegal about journalists possessing and/or publishing stolen documents, because every other news outlet’s editors would be doing time right now for doing the same. The reason the other outlets like the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and others never got raided is because the Constitution protects journalists from being arrested for publishing such materials. That is, unless the journalists are conservatives and the president is a Democrat.


[embedded content]

According to Dhillon , the warrants use the word “stolen” multiple times. The fact is, the diary, like Hunter Biden’s laptop, was abandoned and found by someone else. The lawyer is wondering how the FBI could get a warrant to raid the homes of journalists over a diary. Better yet, a diary that was never stolen?

It sounds like the Joe Biden used the FBI as his own personal police. This smacks of the time the Secret Service got involved when Hunter Biden had his gun thrown away by his dead brother’s wife that he was sleeping with when his father wasn’t even in office.

Dhillon believes Biden family members or their lawyers lied to the FBI and said that the diary was stolen. But that still doesn’t explain how the federal FBI got involved. Even if the diary was stolen, which it wasn’t, a stolen diary is not a federal crime.

The answer is one of two things. Either the FBI is involved in a conspiracy with the Biden family and is acting unlawfully for the benefit of their ultimate boss who will never have them punished for breaking the law, or the DOJ is concerned of a foreign government getting hold of the diary and using it for blackmail purposes. God only knows what else is in that diary.

FBI Director Christopher Ray has some explaining to do, mainly, how could he go along with federal agents violating the First Amendment by raiding journalist’s homes over a diary?

Dhillon believes there must be a criminal investigation into how this happened. But don’t hold your breath because the Democrats are in charge of the DOJ and the Democrats never, ever, ever hold their own accountable for anything they do.


[embedded content]


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