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Truth Revealed: Russian Collusion Investigation Had Nothing To Do With Donald Trump, Was Done To Protect Hillary Clinton

"Comey; the American Clouseau" by Grain Sand is marked with CC PDM 1.0

President Barack Obama’s intelligence department heads never thought Donald Trump was a Russian spy.   The idea of that was so absurd on the face of it, yet the country spent four years hitting Trump with that accusation.  There are still some mental midgets out there who still spout that accusation on Twitter.  I just had a run-in with one of them yesterday.

We reported a few days ago that according to handwritten notes by Obama’s former CIA director John Brennan the whole Trump-Russia collusion delusion narrative was created by Hillary Clinton as a diversionary tactic to get her private email server off the focus of the mainstream news media.

We now know that the entire Obama intelligence apparatus and the FBI knew from day one that the whole thing was bogus and yet they attached a team of FBI agents to devote manpower and costly resources to investigate the first candidate, then President-elect and finally President Trump.  And it went on for years with them all knowing there was nothing to it.  But why, you may ask?

Because they feared that Russia, along with other foreign intelligence services, had Hillary’s emails, and in those emails were things that could have destroyed many people besides Clinton, including Barack Obama.

The Clinton campaign was fearful that her emails would go public, and the decision to have the administration protect her was made by senior US officials.

A former senior intelligence official from the Obama administration confirmed to veteran journalist Lee Smith, former editor-in-chief for the Village Voice has had his work published in Real Clear Investigations, the Federalist, and Tablet, that leading into the 2016 election, that US intelligence officials told the FBI that the 2016 Democratic nominee’s emails were compromised.

“They concluded that there were approximately 30,000 emails in the possession of foreign entities,” the former Obama official said. “The FBI was provided with digital copies of some of the emails and then evaluated them, determining their veracity and identifying what sensitive issues were being addressed. The FBI had been informed of this prior to James Comey’s press conference exonerating Clinton.”

And yet we had the now-fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey go out and give a public speech exonerating Clinton after spending ten minutes listing criminals items that Clinton did that would have landed anyone else in prison.

The FBI then began a massive cover-up for Clinton.  It ran in two parts.  The first being the year-long investigation of her illegal private email server, where the FBI never once questioned Hillary under oath.  That bogus investigation was called “Midyear Exam,” and was launched July 10, 2015.  It was the thing that Comey would use to absolve her.

So, every time you see a Hillary Clinton tweet against Donald Trump, a video clip of her trashing him, you now know that she is a sociopath who knew from the start that she was guilty of Espionage Act crimes, and more, and has no problem whatsoever lying about it and attempting to still place blame on Trump who did absolutely nothing wrong, and she knew that the Obama DOJ was never ever going to indict her, a Democrat successor to the man who spied on the Trump campaign.

The second part of the FBI’s cover up for Clinton was called “Crossfire Hurricane,” a counterintelligence operation designed to intentionally steer the focus from the contents of Clinton’s emails just in case they were leaked, which they believed contained US secrets and/or corrupt, illegal deals the Clinton Foundation was involved in, like the Uranium One deal, which involved others in the administration, including the Biden crime family which was involved with a uranium mine in Kazakhstan linked to the Clinton bribe.  There is proof that Joe Biden met with Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakh oligarch who worked with Biden’s corrupt and troubled son Hunter, who had an interest in the uranium mines in Kazakhstan, which contains some of the richest deposits of uranium.

The FBI operation was to manufacture the lie that Trump was involved with the Russians, and that they leaked her emails to the public to help him get elected.  Some bozos still believe that even in the face of evidence that the whole thing was created by Hillary Clinton.  That’s how embedded the crooked Obama administration and the boot-licking sycophants in the mainstream news media made the hoax in the minds of millions of gullible Americans.  After Trump’s victory, this nonsense narrative became a cudgel against the president for his entire first term in office.  The source believes that the FBI still has Clinton’s emails unless they got rid of them.

And now you know the truth of what these despicable people put the country through, and especially what they put Donald Trump and his poor family through, for four years was all to protect Hillary Clinton, the woman that Trump decided to not prosecute after he became president, one of the biggest mistakes he ever made.

In light of all of this information, it makes you wonder if there are still FBI and intelligence officials loyal to Clinton and Obama who made sure to delay the Durham investigation into Crossfire Hurricane’s beginnings and the news of Hunter Biden’s many questionable discretions.  It is believed that Hillary Clinton sent an email to President Obama while she was overseas on an unsecure device, and that Obama responded to her illegal private email server email account.  So they would be protecting him as much as Clinton herself.

Another takeaway from this is to consider that not one of them, not one single, solitary member of the Obama administration, not one news journalist who pushed the Russian collusion story, who hyperbolically exaggerated the Mueller investigation, who called Donald Trump, and his children, traitors to the United States, not one of these degrading, disgraceful, contemptible, loathsome and reprehensible vermin has ever once apologized for the what they did.  And folks, that includes an apology to all of you.

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