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Attacking Trump

Trump’s Social Media Accounts Have Been Censored 65 Times While Biden’s Lies Remain Untouched

1984’s IngSoc, er, I mean Twitter and Facebook, have censored President Donald Trump’s social media accounts, including his campaign’s account, at least 65 times over the last two years, but has never held Joe Biden accountable for the numerous lies his staffers post using his account or the former vice president’s campaign accounts, an new analysis from Media Research Center’s (MRC) Techwatch department has revealed.

You can’t check out Joe Biden’s social media threads without reading bald-faced lies about Trump, but for some really weird reason Biden’s accounts never get held accountable. For example, the tech giants never went after Biden for posting the Charlottesville lie even though that narrative has been debunked with the very words of the president in a video from the speech. Every post Biden did where he repeated that lie is still up with no label, warning, whatever.

MRC’s Techwatch department looked at social media activity from Trump, Biden, and their campaigns’ social media activities from May 2018 to October 16, 2020. According to NewsBusters, the analysis “did not include any ads from PACs or super PACs that had made ads in favor of either candidate” and focused only on social media posts rather than paid advertisements:

In general, the analysis discovered at least 65 cases of censorship against Trump and his campaign’s accounts. Through comparison, MRC’s Techwatch department found no cases of censorship against Biden or his campaign in the same time period.

Twitter is the top hatchet man for censorship such as “labeling, fact-checking, and removing Trump’s tweets and the tweets from his campaign accounts 64 instances since the president’s election,” NewsBusters reported.

Last month, Twitter put up warning labels on some of Trump’s tweets, where he encouraged voters to “go to your Polling Place to see whether or not your Mail In Vote has been Tabulated (Counted).”

“If it has you will not be able to Vote & the Mail In System worked properly. If it has not been Counted, VOTE (which is a citizen’s right to do). If your Mail In Ballot arrives after you Vote, which it should not, that Ballot will not be used or counted in that your vote has already been cast & tabulated,” he said.

“YOU ARE NOW ASSURED THAT YOUR PRECIOUS VOTE HAS BEEN COUNTED, it hasn’t been ‘lost, thrown out, or in any way destroyed’. GOD BLESS AMERICA,” he wrote in the thread.  They should see how many thousands of Trump ballots are being thrown in Pennsylvania.

Twitter’s warning, which blocked visibility to the tweets, said that the message violated Twitter rules “about civic and election integrity.”  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Trying to protect a person’s vote is violating civic and election integrity?  In what universe?

“However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible,” the warning added:

The month prior, Twitter put up the same warning label after Trump said that mail drop boxes are a “voter security disaster,” which could “make it possible for a person to vote multiple times”:

[insert pic 1 here]

Twitter censored a tweet from the president last week on his recovery from the Chinese virus. The tech giant accused Trump of “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19”:

[insert pic 2 here]

They need to lose their platform status.  They are now publishers.

The analysis done by MRC discovered that Facebook censored and throttled traffic from posts against Trump and his campaign 5 times and Instagram once.

Each time, the platform has made the statement that it opposes whatever Trump and the campaign have said or stood for.

A video attacking Antifa was removed from the platform, because it violated the platform’s “organized hate policy” for featuring an upside-down red triangle. The ad asked supporters “to sign a petition and “stand with your President and his decision to declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization.” The ad was removed from both the president’s page and his campaign’s page. However, multiple violent Antifa pages that have doxxed members of the Senate remain on the platform, unscathed.

The analysis came after last week’s bombshell report from the New York Post, showcasing Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s profitable foreign business shenanigans.  The story was quickly censored by big tech companies to protect Biden, prompting the Senate Judiciary Committee to announce its plans to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.  At the time, Twitter locked the accounts of both the Trump campaign and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany while censoring links to the House Judiciary Committee’s website, branding their link to material related to the Post’s report as “potentially unsafe.”  How is that potentially unsafe?  It was an expose by the fourth largest newspaper in the country that is 219 years old.

“Straight blocking of URLs was wrong, and we updated our policy and enforcement to fix. Our goal is to attempt to add context, and now we have capabilities to do that,” Dorsey said in an update to the controversy last week:

President Trump last week told supporters that his reelection would send a big message to the tech giants.

“The biggest thing we can do? November 3rd,” Trump said. “We’re not just running against Joe Biden. We’re running against the left-wing media and we’re running against Big Tech.”

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