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Trump’s EO on Unemployment is no Different Than Obama’s EO on DACA, Dems Howl in Anger

 Saturday President Donald J. Trump says he will suspend payroll tax and extend unemployment through end of the year amid gridlock in Congress, after signaling all week that he would not wait for Democrats to linger, making demands to fund their party members first while Americans were days past relief from unemployment relief that expired at the end of July. 

Reuters reported, “Trump said on Wednesday he may suspend the payroll tax himself as part of his administration’s efforts to help the economy after the coronavirus shutdown after the idea faced opposition in Congress in talks on the next relief bill.”

Democrats, feeling they had the power to make demands, refused to work with Trump and Republicans insisting on Trillions in bailouts to Democrat leaders who Trump said had a long history of failure before the pandemic.

Feeling like the Democrats had solid bargaining power, Leading Democrats like radical left Democrat Senator and failed Presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris scolded Republicans over their lack of support for the Democrats bailout demands, last week.

Trump, ignoring the Democrat’s fantasies of how powerful they are,  signaled that he was ready to take matters into his own hands if Democrats did not drop the demands for bailouts and focus on American citizens.

“Well I may do it myself,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News. “I have the right to suspend it, and I may do it myself – I have the absolute right to suspend the payroll.”


Democrat activists and media allies were not pleased, showing their hypocrisy, after supporting former President Barack Obama, who pushed payroll tax cut concept when he was in office.

Further, there is this “skeleton in the closet, recall that Democrats support when Obama made Immigration laws with DACA.

Trump had signaled that he considered the SCOTUS decision earlier in the Summer, that Obama had the power to write DACA, as a signal that he could embrace the same Presidential power for his agenda.

An Executive Order is expected Saturday.

This story is developing…

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