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Attacking Trump

Trump Wins One: PA State Legislators to Have ‘Special Session’ to Evaluate Republican Electors, GA and AZ in Revolt

After a massive groundswell of support for President Donald J. Trump in Georgia at a rally in Valdosta, on Saturday, the State Legislators in Pennsylvania have agreed to hold a special session to evaluate the claims by Trump’s legal team that it is the State Legislators and not the Secretary of State who legal choose the State’s 20 electors for the office of President of the United States.

Trump’s legal team have been addressing concerns in three states, PA, AZ, and GA, attempting to get the state legislators in each of the three states to appoint their own electors:

PA is having a special session on Tuesday, AZ is beginning the process, and the Governor shut the system down due to “COVID Concerns,” and GA is in open revolt, where Senators have called for a Special Session. The Secretary of State and the Governor have ignored the demands.



Trump’s legal team had, with the help of a State Senator in PA, held hearings with experts giving technical data and personal testimony about why they felt there is plenty of concern to evaluate and investigate claims of voter fraud in the state.

Trump’s legal team had placed the responsibility of serving the public and addressing concerns over election integrity upon the state legislators, because they are closest to the people, and because it is Constitution that state legislators are the rightful officeholders to do that.

That should be the topic of the session that has been announced for Tuesday.

State Senator Doug Mastriano was the one responsible for organizing the hearing in PA. Mastriano appeared recently on Newsmax and gave a hint of what is to come in the special session:

Facts are stubborn things out there in the hearing it was amazing. That is my job as a Senator. ItIn the end, the media would have found these witnesses if they cared about the truth. I have introduced legislation not to recognize the election results that were supported by our Governor. They don’t want us to look into the outcome. The certificate is a fraud, and we want to appoint our own electors. We need to seize back our power. So just like in Florida, we will have a set of Republican and a set of Democrat elections, and it will have to determined by the US Supreme Court, and that is where we want it to go.

“Until the US Supreme Court makes a decision, then it would be a toss-up between who holds the state, Trump or Biden. If the General Assembly has the bravery to do this, we will be at Loggerheads with Governor Wolf, who is happy about the results. So the Supreme Court will have to determine whose electors stand, or if none stand. I am not gaming it; I am trying to figure out what happened in Pennsylvania, but other states could do the same, and then neither Biden nor Trump would have 270.

In Arizona, there are many parallels in Arizona; I don’t understand the rush by the Democrats; we sat by quietly for 37 days while Bush V. Gore got sorted out. Why won’t the media do that this time?” Mastriano said.


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