President Trump stood firm Friday on his demands for a border wall after the second White House meeting with congressional leaders this week broke up with no apparent deal, warning Democrats the partial government shutdown could last “years” and saying he could even declare a “national emergency” to bypass Congress if necessary.

The Democrats need to feel pain in order to do the right thing. They don’t really care about protecting Americans. Have you noticed the dead silence in the killing of a Newsom police officer in California by an illegal immigrant? They all said “no comment”. But if an illegal is denied entry or an illegal is hurt, there is an uproar.

President Trump is passionate about border security. The wall is a huge part of that. Let’s face it, while there are many illegals here that came by plane and their visas have expired, the drugs, sex trafficking, and dangerous criminals are coming across the borders. Not planes.

Trump says,

“We can call a national emergency [to build a border wall] because of the security of our country,” Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden, during a lengthy and impromptu press conference.

“I may do it,” he said, before adding, “If we can do it through a negotiated process, we’re giving it a shot.”

Most Democrats and Republicans support the idea of a border law. Let’s hope the Democrats listen to what Americans want over their hate of the President.

Source: Trump warns shutdown could last ‘years,’ says he may declare ‘national emergency’ to build border wall