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Attacking Trump

Trump Tweets Short Videos Describing Threats to Country: ‘In your gut, you Know Something is not Right’: Man in America

President Donald J. Trump tweeted a series of videos on Wednesday night, showing a man stating that the country is under threat of invasion and highlighting the dangers the American people face from relying on the American media, who have been covering up details of fraudulent actions and ignoring legal investigations by the President of the United States and his legal team.

“The President of the United States is being censored by US companies. The whole thing reeks of corruption and treason. If Mainstream Media can control information from the President of the United States, does truth even matter anymore?” Holehouse asks.

The short movie highlights the gaslighting of the American people as the media repeatedly asks, “where is the evidence” of voter fraud?

“Where is the evidence?” the filmmaker, Seth Holehouse, continues to say, mocking the media’s disinterest.

“2020 has been a year like no other, and everything we know and trust and everything we have come to rely on has changed. So how could we expect the US election to be any different? Mainstream media are telling us the race is over. Biden won. Time to move on. Nothing to see here, folks. But in your gut, you know something is just not right. From the strange pattern from election night to the weeks of suspense, to the reports of fraud that evaporate fast than Biden’s memory, it just doesn’t add up; stay with me, and you will see just what is happening behind the scenes in this election, and why the greatest threat you are facing right now is not an invisible enemy invading our bodies but one that is invading our country and our minds. ” the narrator is heard saying in the opening scenes of the first video.


Epoch Times, Seth Holehouse is the filmmaker. The highlight videos are from an extended documentary.

Epoch Times is a group of people who were persecuted by the Community party in China, and who are focused on educating the American people about the tactics and threats of the Chinese Communist Party, including the dangers to America hosting the CCP, so it is expected that their work will take an Anti-CCP slant.

The left, including the New York Times, who are pro-CCP, are opposed to the Epoch Times and their work.

Holeshouse lists a number of crimes by the CCP, and shows why they hate President Trump so much.

“We are in a battle for our Republic and the enemy is at our gates, they are fighting for our minds,” Holehouse said.


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