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Trump Truthfully Tells America, “China Will Own the United States if I Don’t Win the Election”

President Donald J. Trump was interviewed by broadcaster Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday and talked about a major concern for the 2020 Presidential election between himself and Democrat Joe Biden.

“If I lose, China will own America,” Trump told Hewitt.

“You will have to learn to speak Chinese if I don’t win, “Trump said.

Biden is a former Vice President in the scandalous Barack Obama administration, and a long time Senator with ties to high profile, very concerning business dealings around the world, including in China.

In fact, Biden is seen as a promoter of the Communist Party in America.

As tensions grow over concerns with trade disagreements between Trump and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), America joins Hong Kong and China in fears of overzealous demands for control by the CCP.

Just this week far-left radical Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi from California, said that the Communist Party preferred Joe Biden over Trump.

In response to Pelosi’s statement, Donald Trump Jr. Tweeted, “Of course they would. Do you think they invested $1,500,000,000 with Hunter Biden because of his stellar record? The Bidens have been bought by China.”

A Trump ad points out the loss of jobs back to China, a cornerstone of the Trump legacy, proves that the two candidates, Trump and Biden, could not be further apart in ideology about the importance of jobs for Americans to American voters:

Trump has been outspoken in his belief that the CCP is responsible for the worldwide pandemic that has caused so much damage to America’s economy and to American’s loss of Civil Liberties.

The Chinese Communist Party attacked American Senator Josh Hawley for speaking out against the party, along with 10 other American lawmakers, and that happens at the same time as a crackdown on Liberty seeking Hong Kong, who is feeling the pressure of newsroom raids and arrests under their new National Security Law that prevents all dissent from Communism.

Weekly there are stories of the CCP’s attempts to interfere with the 2020 Election after having lost to Trump in Trade demands right before the Pandemic disaster,  and after the Marxist riots and domestic uprisings of the last few months.

Just this week false ID cards were discovered coming from the CCP to allow voter fraud to impact the much-anticipated election in 2020.

The stakes for freedom really could not be higher for the United States, and the Democrat Party has embraced the potential Communist transformation with long time leaders of the party, like Diane Feinstein who are defending the Communist party from the Halls of Congress, right under our noses.

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