President Trump urged voters to send a “signal” to Democrats and to the world at a rally on friendly turf in Kentucky on Monday night, just hours before the state’s voters are set to decide whether to give staunch White House ally Matt Bevin another term as governor in a nail-biting race.

At a rally on friendly turf in Kentucky Monday night, President Trump urged voters to send a powerful “signal” to Democrats and the world by electing staunch White House ally Matt Bevin another term as governor on Tuesday.

The result of the showdown in Kentucky — as well as Tuesday’s gubernatorial race in Mississippi and state legislature races in Virginia — could serve as a barometer on whether Trump still has the proven ability to rally Republicans at the voting booth amid Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Amid chants of “USA,” Trump repeatedly sought to leverage his accomplishments in office to boost Bevin, even reminding the audience at one point that American special forces had just provided “the world’s number-one terrorist a one-way ticket to hell.”

The president stood in front of throngs of attendees wearing “Read the transcript!” shirts — a reference to the White House’s readout of Trump’s July call with Ukraine’s leader, which has prompted Democrats to begin an impeachment inquiry even as Republicans insist the conversation was benign.


“The Democrats are trying to tear our country apart,” Trump said, noting that partisans had pushed the “Russia hoax” and the “Mueller scam. … And then, Mr. Mueller testified. That was a wonderful day — for me.”

Thousands of supporters lined up outside the Rupp Arena in Lexington several hours in advance of the rally to boost Bevin, who has been locked in a dead heat with state Attorney General Andy Beshear, a Democrat.

By Gregg Re | Fox News

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