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Trump Supporter, ‘Foreman Mike’ Rebuilding America Starting with Lake Charles, Foreman Mike says, “God Bless Trump”

Foreman Mike Furey has been brought in to the disaster zone in Lake Charles, LA and he is leading crews of works to rebuild a part of America that seems to have been left behind, to fend for themselves after thee direct hits to their town, leveling some areas.

“They had three hits, first the COVID pandemic and then two huge storms, and this area is now worse than anything I have ever seen in storm damage, “Foreman Furey told me.

There has been little media coverage of the area, with people’s attention being pulled in so many directions so close to a packed Presidential campaign cycle.

An article in the New York Times from Oct. 20, says that people feel America has forgotten them.

One man who has been on the scene for weeks is Furey, and he has taken the opportunity of being there, to start an educational outreach to Americans, and to encourage people to support President Donald J. Trump.

“Share share share what the FAKE NEWS does not want you to see…..,”Furey wrote on Facebook.

Foreman Mike down here in Lake Charles Louisiana, Hurricane Laura the place is absolutely decimated. Follow for update over the next weeks and months, because we want to show you how crews from around the country are coming to rebuild America. If you like what I have done for you before, see what I have coming,” Furey said.

“Here we go again, bigger, better and bolder,” he said.

How You Can Help:

“Here we are rebuilding America and sometimes that comes at a heavy cost. Over my shoulder, you will see a pile of debris that is one of the thousands of homes and businesses destroyed by two hurricanes that came within 6 weeks. Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta. There is tremendous damage for hundreds of suare miles. Hundreds of thousands of people without power and phone and internet. It is a terrible situation down here and part of being a responsible patriot is getting involved. We are here today with crews doing utility replacement, phone lines and powerlines all the way down the street behind us. What you need to do folks, is get involved send any money to the Red Cross or Salvation Army- these people need help. They don’t have anywhere to sleep, they have no food. It is a very bad situation. So remember one thing, ou think the chips might be down now? Be glad you are not in Southern Lousianna because we are doing everything we can to get life back to normal. God bless Lousianna, God bless President Trump, we are down here doing a good job for y’all,” he said.

Lake Charles in a way represents America. Rebuilding our infrastructure is going to be a hot topic over the next 4 years, as Democrats, Republicans and Trump has some very different ideas about how America should be rebuilt. Furey is a Conservative and nationally recognized foreman, brought to disaster zones to solve problems. From his Facebook timeline, it is easy to see that he is a Trump supporter, drawing near to many of the experiences that Trump, himself as a building has had.

He is one of a few people covering the area, making plea on behalf of the people, and talking about Trump.

Robin Roberts of Good Morning America recently visited the area to show the despair of the area:

The area will have to be rebuilt.

Furey believes that Trump’s plans to rebuild America will be far more effective for the people and the workers on the front lines, than anything to come out of the Democrat’s “Green New Deal”, which says will be a disaster.

“Repairing Lake Charles infrastructure to keep america up to speed and safe, I have never seen such destruction in 30 years of being a contractor. God bless America, God Bless President Trump, don’t forget to vote!” Furey said.

Fuey says to watch for more updates on the area, and on his plans to help “rebuild America”.

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