President Donald J. Trump appeared on Fox News on Tuesday night with Maria Bartiromo for his first at-length interview since leaving Washington DC in January 2021 and answered more questions than Joe Biden has in months.

“Things are going to get much, much worse,” President Donald J. Trump said on Fox News, Tuesday.


As soon as President Trump started speaking with host Maria Bartiroam, there were sharp and loud sounds of what appeared to be someone with an open mic and off-screen, shredding paper, then shuffling paper, and randomly with sounds like someone dialing a phone.  The sounds stopped immediately as Trump exited the interview and did not occur for the rest of the program.

45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, first spoke about the border, saying My policies we working better than they have seen, the wall was almost completely, they could finish the fence in one month.  Small sections remain, they are destroying our country by the hundreds of thousands, and they are leaving their homes because they have been promised things,” Trump said.

“Things are going to get much, much worse and with the time you will see immigrants to a level never seen before,” Trump said about people crossing the border illegally.

“I got along with the President of Mexic, and we were sharing the burden of immigration with Mexico,” he said.

Bartiromo asked what advice Trump would give to Biden, ” President to Mexico had good relations with us.   There were  28,000 soldiers help us and watching while we were building the wall, stopping people, and we had it down to a good system. We had a great relationship. They understood we could play with tariffs, but we didn’t need it because they wanted to stop it too- almost stopped the drug and human trafficking, and now all of that progress is gone. They are coming in from Yemen, the Middle East, and other places. People are pouring in; they are going to destroy the country if they don’t do something fast.”


“On Biden’s agenda, Trump said, “We were energy independent, and now gas is going up, we had employment for all groups.  To the Consumer, a dollar rise in price is worse than a big tax hike.  It is tough to watch what the Democrats are doing to the work we did for the people,” Trump said.


“What I did with the FDA we got the vaccine done in 9 months rather than 5 years.  That will not just save the country. It will save the world.”

“We did a great job, and we get little credit – Fauci and Birx did nothing but make mistakes; I was the first to move quickly.  We would have a lot more lives gone.  I was focused on the vaccine- Biden got the vaccine himself in December, and at the time he made the statement that he didn’t have vaccines.  I don’t know what is going on there.  Biden failed with H1N1 badly- and he had a chance to do something, and there was a tremendous failure. “

“We had the vaccine and we were giving it before Biden was in office- we knew what we were doing.  It works well over 95%. I would recommend people get the vaccine.  We have our freedoms and I agree with that, but it is a good and safe vaccine to get. The FDA was pushed harder than they have ever been pushed; some of them didn’t like me because of that.  Biden talked about drug prices and favored nations again, we get the lowest quality, and I took us to the highest quality. Under me, they got it done, and I think they would have never gotten it done.”


Bartiromo said, “Washington Post accused Trump of a crime in Georgia, and the media ran with it.”

Trump reacted, “it was, and it affected the Georgia Senate race, it was a terrible thing, Washington Post was brave, it was a mistake, but the things that went on in Georgia with the people who deal with elections are terrible.  It made me feel bad. Was it the Washington Post’s fault or the people who work on elections?  Things went on; it was such a shame, everything that is wrong is because of those two Senate seats in Georgia, and Mitch McConnell lost those two seats.”

“Washington Post said they had confirmed it independently, and that was a lie.  It was a beautiful and perfect call I had. They were relying upon the people in Georgia and what took place in Detroit, Arizona, and now we are like a third-world country.”

“HR1 it will be a disaster – the Democrats used covid to get away with things no one thought they could get away with, but the courts helped them. They made massive changes,  and the media and the courts are not even mentioning that the state legislatures did not approve of the changes that were made before the election. The Supreme Court only rule and said that we didn’t have standing. They should be ashamed of themselves.  The issues around the election were allowed to happen; your Republicans will have a hard time if the HR1 passes.  Democrats will do the same things again in elections again- look at them dishonestly. “

Bartiromo asked him, “will you run again?”

“People want me to run again; we have to see what we can do with the House.  I helped about15-20 seats this last time, so my endorsement means a lot to people.

“We need to take back the house and do better in Senate, we don’t have any leadership there, and frankly, we will make our decision after that,” he said, making a reference to the 2022 election.


“If Meghan ran, then I would have a strong reason to run again.  I like the Queen, and I am not a fan of Meghan,” Trump said.

And all of the noises, shredding paper,  shuffling paper, and sounds of dialing stopped.