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Trump sends Pelosi Packing after Beauty Shop Blunder, She is not ‘in it with you’ after all, Liberal Privilege

Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi from California made news Tuesday for having a private appointment at a beauty, shop, on Monday, to get a hair cut and a blow-dry while not wearing a mask, which are rules she enforces for everyone else.

The Shop owner said she felt like this was a “slap in the face” to watch Pelosi have this service, while others could not. Numerous people noted the hypocrisy and special advantage of being a progressive, who doesn’t usually get called out publicly for the own behavior, even when they unjustly condemn others for doing exactly what they themselves do.

Pelosi’s staff released a statement that Pelosi did not know that she had done anything wrong, which is strange for the lawmaker.

“If people can’t see through Pelosi’s hypocrisy they choose not to – She can get her hair done, not wear a mask but everyone else in SF has too. Two sets of rules… one for them and one for us. #PelosiBlowout,” reporter Sarah Carter said

San Francisco is under a lock down including Hair Salons, until later at which point only hair cuts will be allowed , with no blow outs, as long as hair cuts are done outside.

According to the San Francisco Chroncile reports, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had her hair shampooed and blow-dried indoors at a San Francisco hair salon Monday, although city rules do not allow for such care during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report.”

Pelosi did not abide by any of the Pandemic safety laws, including wearing her mask which is a requirement. San Francisco is under red alert meaning no beauty shops except for special Nancy Pelosi:

Here is footage of Pelosi lecturing people about masks, alongside video of her at the beauty shop:

“You must wear you mask, the science says you must have sanitation, you must test and treat,” she said. While in the video is seen Peosi walking back and forth without a mask, and with wet hair, which is not allowed with hair cuts for others.

“This was a dumb mistake,” said Rush Limbaugh talking about it on Wednesday.

Pelosi’s office confirmed that she did, indeed, have a hair appointment Monday. On Tuesday, Pelosi released a statement via her deputy chief of staff confessing to breaking city lockdown rules to get her hair done indoors at a San Francisco salon on Monday, seemingly without wearing a mask.

It was Fox News who had received security footage of the event. Information from those tapes came out that Pelosi’s assistant had mane arrangement with one of the hairstylists who rents a boot in the business to get the hair cut, and the owner of the salon did not approve, and in fact was very upset by Pelosi’s actions.

Pelosi, however, is not admitting to any wrongdoing, instead shifting blame to the salon she visited.

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson slammed Pelosi and the media, who turned their attacks to the public for finding out about this exposure of classic classism:

Trump was right, Pelosi is getting humiliated over the blunder:

Leo Terrell is a former Democrat who boldly supports Trump, and talked about the incident on Fox News.

Former Governor Huckabee said, “Pelosi broke the shutdown rules by obtaining a blow-dry (barred under the current rules) and not wearing a mask. I think we can all agree that, no matter how you feel about masks, Nancy Pelosi should always keep her mouth covered.”

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