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Trump Secretly Authorized CIA To Carry Out Cyber Attacks On Iran, China, Russia And Others

This is going to be very upsetting to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer as well as a dozen other Democrats who since they can’t win a debate resorts to making wild claims against our president.

Even after the Russian collusion hoax was totally debunked Adan Schiff has continued to claim that Trump colluded with Russia.

I don’t think you can blame him for that. I know I don’t. But then I have always been tolerant of those with less grey matter than a stone.

Just ask yourself, if President Trump was as subservient to Putin as Schiff continually lies, why would he order cyber attacks against Russia?

Why did he order an attack in Syria that killed about 100 Russians and why did he impose the strongest sanctions against Russia of any president before him?

He is also alleged to have ordered cyberattacks against China and Iran, too.

Mark my words, Democrats will soon be blaming Trump for ordering cyber attacks against countries that are not friendly to us, even though they previously complained he was too soft on them.

The report from Yahoo that references several current and former intelligence officials that say Trump’s authorization led to dozens of destabilizing attacks against the countries already mentioned.

Two members of Trump’s cabinet were in charge of fast-tracking these attacks,  Secretary of State and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Trump wanted a weapon to be used to strike back against these regimes and cyberattacks like the ones leveled against us seemed like the best way to go. And indeed, they have been.

From The Daily Caller

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the National Security Council, and multiple White House officials did not respond to Daily Caller’s inquiries by press time.

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