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Trump Scraps COVID-19 Relief Bill LOADED With Pork Spending That Has Nothing To Do With COVID

President Donald Trump read  what was shoved into the so-called COVID-19 Relief Bill that the Congress gave him last night.  He read some examples from inside the bill that are nothing but a huge amount of congressional pork the Democrats tried to force down the American taxpayer’s throats.  He ended it by saying that he will veto the bill unless it is tremendously amended.

Now the Democrats, who have held up every single COVID-19 relief stimulus bill to get the pork goodies they wanted included into it, will accuse President Trump of holding up the much needed relief.  Much needed relief like over $85 million for assistance to Cambodia.  What does Cambodia assistance have to do with American COVID relief?  What scam are the Democrats pulling with Cambodia?  How about $135 million to Burma.  Are you kidding me?

They added $1.3 billion for Egypt for their military that will go out and purchase almost exclusively from Russia.

$25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan.  That is insane.

$500 million to all the countries that send their dregs to our southern border.

$40 million for the Kennedy Center, which isn’t even open for business, so why do they get our tax money from COVID relief bills?

$1 billion for the Smithsonian Institution, which also is not open for business.  Why do they need that kind of money for COVID relief?

$154 million for the National Gallery of Art.  Another DC entity that is closed.

$7 million for reef fish management.

$25 million to combat Asian carp.  They won’t lift a finger to combat the communist Chinese takeover of our country, but they dole out $25 million over a fish.

$2.5 million to go toward counting the number of Amberjack fish in the Gulf of Mexico.  Do the fish have COVID?

There is a provision to promote the breeding of fish in federal hatcheries.  I must’ve missed the part in the constitution that said that the federal government can have federal hatcheries.

They gave $3 million to poultry production technology.  Is the government getting into the chicken industry?

The bill also allows for stimulus checks for ILLEGAL ALIENS that will allow them to get up to $1,800 each, and American citizens will get only $600!  WTF!

The president pointed out that despite all this pork that went into the bill under the “Vote Democrat” section, they didn’t allot much at all for small businesses, which are the enemies of the Democrats, because small business is one of the core constituencies of the Republican Party.  That’s why the phony COVID mandates in Democrat states slaughtered small business while designed to help their filthy rich billionaire liberal friends.   Jeff Bezos, the owner of, said that he gained an additional $70 Billion through COVID while thousands of small businesses across America have had to shut down permanently thanks to the lockdowns.  This is evil.

“The $900 billion package provides hard-working taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments. and not enough money is given to small businesses, and in particular restaurants whose owners have suffered so grievously,” he said.


This is a bold action by Trump where he’s showing the American people that he cares about the working men and women of our country.  The Democrats aren’t even in complete power and yet they just screwed them over.  The Republicans are no better negotiating what’s right for the relief by allowing the Democrats to get their pork.  Shouldn’t it 100 percent about what’s right, and let them hammer that out?  The president took the time to do this while he is fighting an uphill battle against election fraud that stole the White House from him.

“Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists, and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the American people who need it,” Trump said. “It wasn’t their fault. It was China’s fault.”

The president from the very beginning of the pandemic blamed the Chinese Communist Party for COVID-19, and how the spread it around the world.

Trump ended with demands to Congress:

“I am asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2000 or $4000 for a couple,” he said. “I am also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill, or else the next administration will have to deliver a COVID relief package, and maybe that administration will be me, and we will get it done.”

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