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Trump Returns to Twitter, Over 36 Million People Watch Trump’s Hopeful Message for the Future

President Donald J. Trump made a short return to Twitter on Thursday and posted a video that was viewed over 36 Million times after rumors circulated told he was permanently banned from the platform on Wednesday.

Trump had posted that he wanted people to leave the US Capitol in peace and respect the police, on Wednesday, after there had been some agitators there causing violence, smashing windows, and attacking police officers.

Twitter took the tweets down, issued a 12-hour suspension to Trump’s account, and shortly thereafter numerous social media influencers and media pundits made the announcement that Trump would be banned indefinitely.

It is unclear how Trump’s relationship with Twitter will unfold in the future and what his posting permissions are on the platform, but he has made three posts since being suspended.

A first message was posted on Thursday that went viral.

Two more tweets on Friday :

Without any explanation, Trump’s video, which some people are calling a concession to Democrat Joe Biden, was posted and circulated.  The following video is the only video that appears at the account since Trump’s suspension.

The New York Post reported the message: “Trump says he was ‘outraged’ by Capitol siege, calls for ‘healing’ in video message.”

“A new administration will be sworn in on January 20th,” Trump said in the video. I know you are disappointed. But I want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning,” he said.

In the video was a message condemning the violent unrest at the Capitol on Wednesday and saying his focus now turns to a “smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power”

CNN reported on the suspension:

“Facebook  took the extraordinary step on Wednesday of locking President Donald Trump’s account on their platforms after his supporters stormed the Capitol building to protest the election.

Twitter said it has locked President Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours, and warned for the first time that it may suspend him permanently.
The temporary lock reflects Trump’s violation of the Twitter rules, the company said.

“We have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today for repeated and severe violations of our Civic Integrity Policy,” Twitter said. “This means that the account of @realDonaldTrump will be locked for 12 hours following the removal of these Tweets. If the Tweets are not removed, the account will remain locked.”

NPR reported that the threat of a permanent ban of the President of the United States was based on Trump upsetting Twitters “Civics Code”:

The Friday tweets make the idea of Trump’s concession seem a little off.  This story is developing.

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