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Trump Puts Chicago’s Failed Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot & Her Dem Pals In Their Places As he Announces Expansion Of ‘Operation Legend’

Opinion| President Donald Trump has laid the smackdown on Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her lightweight approach to crime.

He is expanding his “Operation Legend” by sending more FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency agents into Chicago and Albuquerque, The Daily Mail reported.

The move was to be announced Wednesday afternoon by Trump at the White House – putting him once again at odds with Democratic mayors, especially Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

They have opposed deploying federal forces to tackle protests. But Operation Legend, which was started in Kansas City, MO, involves surging Department of Justice, not Department of Homeland Security, agents to tackle crime rather than protests.

Lightfoot offered some off-ramp to the tensions Wednesday, saying a plan to surge FBI and DEA agents to help her city contend with local crime had her approval – but not an ‘undemocratic’ insertion of unidentified Homeland Security agents, as Trump has ordered in Portland.

Her statement signaled a possible de-escalation as critics fume about the Trump administration’s use of ‘secret’ Homeland Security Investigations agents who have taken part in violent clashes with protesters in Portland.

Lightfoot, who has publicly clashed with President Trump, had vowed there would be no ‘Portland-style deployment’ in her city, just hours before gun violence erupted at a funeral.

There were 15 people who were shot and wounded at that funeral but the mayor is more concerned with playing anti-Trump politics than helping her city.

Crime is out of hand in the city where, just this weekend, 12 people were killed and another 51 were injured in shootings.

But regardless of the crime and the deaths of her city’s citizens, Mayor Lightfoot has said she will take the president to court to stop him.

“What I understand at this point — and I caveat that — is that the Trump administration is not going to foolishly deploy unnamed agents to the streets of Chicago,” she said.

“As I understand it, what we will be getting are some additional resources in the FBI, the DEA and the ATF,” she said.

“The US Attorney for New Mexico informed me today that ‘Operation Legend’ is coming to Albuquerque, Sen. Heinrich of New Mexico said.

“Given the mess it created in Portland, I let him know in no uncertain terms that this isn’t the kind of “help” that Albuquerque needs,” he said.

It is like these people are living in another world where they do not see the rampant crime and deaths in their cities.

“Operation Legend is named after four-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while he slept early in the morning of June 29 in Kansas City, the latest in a string of violence to plague Kansas City in recent weeks.  Kansas City has already reached 100 homicides this year, a 40 percent increase from last year,” The Justice Department said.

“President Trump has made clear: the federal government stands ready and willing to assist any of our state and local law enforcement partners across the nation responding to violent crime.  Operation Legend will combine federal and local resources to combat the disturbing uptick in violence by surging federal agents and other federal assets into cities like Kansas City, a city currently experiencing its worst homicide rate in its history,” Attorney General Barr said.

“The Department’s Operation Legend is named in honor of one of Kansas City’s youngest victims, four-year-old LeGend Taliferro who was shot in the face while sleeping in his bed.  LeGend’s death is a horrifying reminder that violent crime left unchecked is a threat to us all and cannot be allowed to continue.”

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