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Attacking Trump

Trump Pushes Personal Responsibility ,Democrats Want Free Money for Losers, Expect EO on Stimulus

Jobless aid is about to expire for American families and a picture is emerging exposing the differences between political opponents in Washington DC over how the public tax base is best spent in mutually beneficial ways for all American citizens, with the leading socialist Democrats pushing for bails out for Democrat states that have been reckless and negligent in the eyes of Conservative President Donald J. Trump who wants money for the American family.

“We’re having a very good discussion with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The problem is they want to do bailouts of their various Democrat-run states and cities, and they want a lot of money,” Trump said Monday.

Socialists want bailouts while Conservatives want responsible spending.  Socialists want benefits for States and Conservatives to want benefits for individuals.

Trump is doubling down on radical left Speaker o the House Nancy Pelosi, who has been responsible for numerous schemes to unseat Trump since he was elected in 2016, and who is demanding huge amounts of Federal money for pals in struggling states who don’t want to face the consequences of their egregious mismanagement.

The Democrats have been fighting the release of funds to struggling families because they want funds for poorly run states.

“I call it Speaker Pelosi’s No Liberal Plan Left Behind Act that they filed shows you where they really want to go. We want to help people and schools reopen after the pandemic, but where they are going is that they want over a Trillion dollars to bail out states that were broken before the Pandemic, they want mailing ballots to people who are on voting rolls illegally, what does that have to do with the Pandemic? It shows you their priorities,” Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said about Pelosi’s bailout plan.

Late Spring when Democrats started to eye stimulus money as a way of bailing out their friends in the Democrat-run States, Trump said, “there is a big difference between someone who needs some stimulus because of the pandemic and a state that has been poorly run for 25 years.”

The Resistance movement in DC, who has done everything imaginable to stop Trump from assisting families turned to Twitter to push their demands for big funding for States, by gaslighting the American people and lying to them about who is doing what in the Halls of Congress on their behalf.

Radical leftist Rep. Maxine Waters who has bombarded the American public with Socialist propaganda is still pouting about the Tax cuts American taxpayers received under Trump:

More Gaslighting:

Trump has signaled that he is considering an Executive order on the stimulus if parties can not reach an agreement.

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