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Trump is winning

Trump Persists: Retweet About ‘Sting Operation’ That Will Infuriate his Opponents, Points to Long Time Bi-Partisan Concerns of Voting Machines

President Donald J. Trump was busy on Sunday retweeting posts from many of his supporters in what has become an exciting show of support of their ideas and concerns. Never before have we had a President or politician interact more personally with the American people as Trump has. He is hated for those tactics by the political and media alliance, who hold themselves out to be a ruling calls over the people. Trump is often vilified and trashed on mainstream news just for the simple act of retweeting.

Yet, he persists.

On Sunday, Trump retweeted a post, that was itself a retweet of another post” by a poster known as “CJTRUTH,” who wrote, which may remind readers of Senate findings, upon investigation:

“It was a rigged election, but they were busted. Sting of the Century! Justice is coming!”

A “Sting operation”? Like a setup? Like surveillance? Perhaps.

What CJTruth has retweeted was a post from a poster known as “@KanekoaTheGreat

Who posted a popular meme that represents many Americans’ independent concerns, which is the number of voters the left claims Joe Biden got legally.

“When you win a record low 17% of counties, lose Black & Hispanic support, lose 18/19 Bellwether Counties, lose Ohio, Florida, & Iowa β€” and lose 27/27 House “Toss-Ups” β€” but you shatter the popular vote record,” Kanekoa the Great posted.

We know that Trump retweets meaningful content to his supporters, but has also said that he retweets things at times because he supports people asking questions. His retweeting other people’s content does not mean that he is promoting the exact sentiment.

However, it is interesting to consider what he retweets and the potential message behind what he does. At the very least, we know that Trump retweets what is interesting to him.

CJTruth said that a “Sting” happened and “Justice is coming.” When we examine those two ideas against a backdrop of official statements by Trump, press releases, and other points of data, we may well see that, in fact, the Trump administration, or parts of it, we’re aware of problems with the 2016 Election process, set out legal perimeters to watch the 2018 election, found results and implemented new laws, and were watching the 2020 elections.

I wrote about the likelihood of US Marshalls watching election places, based on comments Trump made on The Sean Hannity Show:

I am not claiming that I know a “Sting Operation” happened. Still, I am saying that we have many data points that could point to Trump having some legal framework set up already for proving to the American people there was the level of election fraud that he claims there was.

Are we just crazy nuts? No. We just read the news and know the facts better than the Fake News.

Consider this; Senator James Lankford appeared on Newsmax TV on Saturday. He talked at length about the federal government’s legal requirements for electronic voting machines in 2018 and 2019, based upon findings from 2016.

Lankford has been working on Election Integrity for years:

Something is going on. We can all read the writing on the Twitter Wall.

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