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Attacking Trump

Trump On Sunday Morning Talk, ‘I am 125% Committed to Fighting, but I need Brave People to Help Save America Elections’

President Donald J. Trump had his first interview since the end of the 2020 Presidential election, on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo and talked at length about why he is contesting the election results, about where he believes his legal team will end up, and the conditions in America that have led to this mess.

At some points, Trump sounded resigned to the fact that the forces against him and the judicial system do not care about what he claims is widescale fraud and that the media and technology enable them to keep Americans from hearing his point of view. Trump said that the judicial system was set up so that they could deny his claims by telling him that he “lacked standing” to contest the results, and therefore they are not accepting his proof.

Trump also reminded viewers that the American people would have to be brave to defend a clean election system and that many people are too frightened to speak out. At some points in the interview, it seemed that people’s fear was the greatest obstacle to overcome, and there was a hint of defeat in trump’s comments on that front.

Trump did say he was not giving up yet, and he refrained from laying out his timeframe for when he would give up. He also would not give away all of the evidence his legal team had.


The following is a partial transcript of the discussion.

“The machines are suspect, the Dominion machines, and we have affidavits from many people that there were glitches where votes were moved, and that is a fraud, and we have many examples with tremendous amounts of votes. We have 3-5 glitches with thousands of votes each, and for the most part, they got away with it,” Trump said about the proof they have provided that the media is ignoring.

“I was called by top-notch political people saying, at 10 pm, that I had won, and that is when they [the Democrats] did massive dumps in battleground states, massive dumps,” he said, talking about the change in voting.

“All of sudden I went from winning a lot to losing by a little and in North Carolina they tried, we have affidavits that say that happened there, we won there, but they did 10s of 1000 Biden votes even in North Carolina,” Trump said.

Here are more of his comments:

“I could tell you who called me- and said I had won. One of the pollsters even told me that I needed to account for a 5% margin for cheating in Philadelphia, they cheat, and everyone knows they cheat. They cheat with Mail-in ballots, and we have people who will say they got 2-3-4- ballots; they were everywhere by the Millions. Dead people voted, and in many cases.

Dead people made application to go and vote after 10 years of being dead. Perhaps the FBI is involved; this election is a total fraud. People call me around the world and say that this si is the craziest election ever. Big Tech and the Media are not talking about this- and it is a situation that is bad; we have suppression in the press, in the greatest fraud in the history of our country- what is bigger from an electoral process?

This is the whole ball game, and they cheated. Biden did not get 80 million votes. I got 63 Million votes in 2016, and we thought that we had a path to an easy vote. This year I got 74 million votes, and we got more than we were trying to get. We thought it was over when the phony mail-in ballots started. This election was rigged and is a total fraud,” Trump said.

Bartiromo said, ” These are Serious charges- how will you prove it in the court.? Elections are the reason our young men and women will die on battlefields over people being allowed to vote, and if that is not true – this is a turning point in America.”

Bartiromo said that 68% Republicans and 28% believe there is fraud, according to this Reuters article.

Trump talked about the difficulty of putting out evidence into the public of the fraud.

We are trying to put the evidence in, and judges won’t let us put it in. In the Gettysburg hearing, we had people testify. The poll watchers in all of the states had trouble and were not allowed to count rooms. They were not allowed to watch- closed up the voting and counting, and new ballots came in. We have evidence, photos of them being brought in to county rooms. The mail-in ballots from all over- esp with Biden on the top, because they were in a rush.

We think they panicked because we were doing so well. The ballots with Biden only are suspicious. Tremendous numbers of ballots, for the sake of speed. The lawyers and judges say I do not have standing so that they won’t accept the proof.

We have people willing to sign sworn testimony until McCabe and Comey, who lied and didn’t go to jail. The courts won’t take the affidavits. The court says I do not have standing. I wanted to have one giant lawsuit, but they won’t take it- what kind of a court system do we have.

The same garbage machine, Dominion, will be used for the next election. You can vote for months ahead of schedule. Alito seems to have big problems. They are voting before and after, and they backdated ballots, and we have judges and electoral judges making deals, and the Governor in Georgia, I am ashamed I endorsed him. They used Covid as a means to stuff the ballot box. Biden did not get Millions of votes more than Obama and Clinton. In the Black Community, he got more votes than Obama. They cheated, and everyone knows that.

We can not have fake elections because like we have fake news and fake tech. The policitians need guts to stop all of that.

We will appeal to the Supreme Court; We have something good with Act 77, where the legislature is supposed to prove all this stuff; a lot of the cases that have been lost are not our cases, but other people’s cases.

Our poll watchers got thrown out of the buildings where there was counting. Thugs walked out poll watchers, and local news covered that. The national news won’t, and they are the enemy of our country- and people should know that big tech is making the media dangerous.

As far as the DOJ and the FBI, I asked what they are doing, but I try to stay out of it, and I don’t know. The DOJ and FBI are missing in action; where are they with Comey, McCabe, Brennan, who lied to congress they lied and leaked?

I see Carter Page’s lawsuit is good news. Where is Durham? They have been there a long time, and it is inconceivable, the FBI and DOJ should be looking; they keep moving along and serve the next president- there are people there who have been there a long time, and they have their own views.

With all of the fraud that is going, the FBI hasn’t nabbed someone or looked at Dominion? The votes they say are counted in foreign countries, and Canada won’t even use them, and they are based there. I talked to the Attorney General, but Canada does paper votes. The only way this is to save the ballot. Mail carriers are in trouble for selling ballots and adding ballots.

They found ballots with the name Trump on them- they were signed. We won’t win the election easily. No way Biden won in Black cities over Obama,” Trump said

Bartiromo asked, “What is Durham doing? Barr told us a while ago that there would be a problem with mail-in ballots, but nothing was done. This whole thing is a terrible situation, and it should not have been allowed to happen. Would you consider a special counsel?

“yes, I would consider a special prosecutor? They spent 48 Million dollars on the Mueller investigation- and they found nothing. Friends said I must be the cleanest person on Earth- after that. A pure hoax and a sad thing for the country. I could have done so much for the country, but I was under investigation from the day I came down the escalator. At that time, I didn’t know. All they do is investigate me- after federal investigations failed, they sent it to New York- they want a crack at it over there now. We were changing the country. China and Iran do not want me in. Iran and China want to make a deal, but they want to get rid of “America first,” so Democrats say they will drop it. Did you see that the other day?

Why isn’t the FBI not all over the place? They are not and it is a shame for this country.

It is hard to get into the Supreme court if it gets there; it is tough to get up there. We have 100’s of affidavits, but it is hard to get into the Supreme Court. That is what everyone is fighting for, we have many different forms of fraud, and we have evidence; we need to appeal to get to the Supreme Court.

Is there a path to victory? I hope so. It will take a brave judge and brave legislature. We have attorneys who were threatened, who eft. It will take a brave judge justice or both.

We should be heard by the Supreme Court, the Black community had little enthusiasm for Biden, and Hispanics as well had little enthusiasm for Biden; how did he get up to 80 million? John Mclaughlin- is a good pollster who even said so.

I will use 125% of my energy to fight voter fraud- but we need a judge who will hear it and a Supreme Court that will hear it. I will not change my mind, not even in 6 months, and if Republicans are willing to let this happen, we are never going to recover. Mail-in voting is a total disaster.

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