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Trump Now Owed Over Half A Million Dollars- Stormy’s No Good- Very Bad Day

President Donald J. Trump has won his second ruling for attorney’s fees in as many weeks, and he made a blistering announcement on Wednesday that the porn star named “Stormy” was now deeply in debt to Trump- to the tune of half a million dollars.  And then Trump talked about his real feelings about being accused of lusting after Stormy- years ago.

After a federal appellate court rejected her bid to reconsider a defamation claim which failed in a lower court, porn star Stormy Daniels sits forced to pay former President Donald Trump a large sum in legal fees.

And on Wednesday, those fees escalated by more than $245K. Trump has claimed many times that he did not have sex with Stormy, and that he did not want to have sex with her, and that if fact- not even in her wildest dreams would Trump have consented to have sex with the porno actress- when they met.

Stormy tried to play off her claims from many years ago- by suggesting that because she was a woman she must be believed- like the Me Too movement.

She and her lawyer were two of the frequent guests on leftist media, for months and months- and now both Stormy and her lawyer are in huge trouble.

The news went viral quickly:

Trump’s full statement:

Today, the 9th Circuit issued yet another attorney fees ruling in my favor against Stephanie Clifford (AKA “Stormy Daniels”)—this time, awarding me $245,209.67 for my fees incurred in her 9th Circuit appeal of her failed lawsuit against me, dismissed under Texas’s Anti-SLAPP statute. Less than two weeks ago, the 9th Circuit ruled in my favor and upheld an award of $292,052.33 for the trial court work in the same case. As of now, Ms. Clifford owes me $538,262.00 in this case, not counting attorney fees for her appeal of the trial court attorney fee award, which the 9th Circuit upheld two weeks ago. Congratulations to Harmeet K. Dhillon and her team at the Dhillon Law Group! This entire case has been nothing but a disaster for Ms. Clifford and her lawyer Michael Avenatti, from the start—a total waste of court time and resources, ending up with her owing me a large and growing amount in attorney fees that never needed to have been spent, especially since as I have stated many times, I never had an affair with her—nor would I have ever wanted to (even in her wildest imagination!).

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said it had no jurisdiction over Daniels’ appeal regarding the attorney’s fees because she did not file a notice of appeal within the required 30-day period of a judge granting the fees to Trump, CNBC reported.

And it looks more and more like it was all a political stunt, and the two lovers- Avenatti and Daniels lost everything.

“I only met Trump a handful of times, not even. I didn’t consider him to be a friend,” Daniels said. “I didn’t have private conversations, I didn’t trust him, and he certainly didn’t steal from me.”

“Michael Avenatti betrayed my trust in every way possible. He lied to my face. He lied about me. He put me on a stand for five and a half hours and called me names,” she added.

“Like no, no way, way, way more angry at Michael Avenatti because that’s a personal betrayal. It’s way different.”

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