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Trump Legal Team Files Lawsuit With US Supreme Court Against Pennsylvania Election Results Charging Constitutional Violations

"US Supreme Court" by dbking is licensed under CC BY 2.0

President Donald Trump’s legal team filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court to reverse cases by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that changed mail-in ballot laws.

According to the US Constitution’s Article I, Section 4, the State Legislature has the power to create or change election laws.  Neither the Executive branch nor the Judicial branch has that power, and yet both of the branches went rogue in Pennsylvania and changed election laws, and both branches did it to help Democrats.

The legal case is asking the US Supreme Court to reverse three cases decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that “illegally changed” mail-in ballot laws “immediately before and after the 2020 presidential election.”  They rigged it for Democrats.  The lawyers argued that the Supreme Court’s decisions are in violation of Article II of the Constitution and the 2000 Bush v. Gore ruling.  The argument being the state’s Supreme Court violated the US Constitution’s Article II, Section 1 that says that the State Legislature chooses the Electors who will vote for president based on the election laws created by the Legislature.  By changing election laws they violated the State Legislature’s prescribed method of selecting Electors.  Also, in Bush v Gore the US Supreme Court ruled that the way ballots were handled in Florida violated the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause by counting votes in one county one way and differently in another county.  That also happened in Pennsylvania counties during and after the 2020 election.

The lawsuit is asking for “all appropriate remedies,” which includes the vacating of Electors that were committed to Joe Biden and allowing the Pennsylvania Legislature to call up their own electors.  If the US Supreme Court has a problem with this then they have a problem with our Constitution.

When on December 14, 2020, the Electoral College voted, the Republican Party in Pennsylvania had its own Electors cast votes for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, in a bid to preserve legal challenges in the state.

“The Campaign also moved for expedited consideration, asking the Supreme Court to order responses by December 23 and a reply by December 24 to allow the US Supreme Court to rule before Congress meets on January 6 to consider the votes of the electoral college,” according to a statement, authored by former New York City Mayor and Trump legal team attorney Rudy Giuliani.

“This represents the Campaign’s first independent US Supreme Court filing and seeks relief based on the same Constitutional arguments successfully raised in Bush v. Gore.”

Word has gone out that the Texas case against four of the key battleground states was rejected because Chief Justice John Roberts was afraid of riots that most certainly would occur if the High Court had done their duty and served the American people by following the Constitution.  But Roberts is a weak man who would rather allow 75 million American voters to be disenfranchised by cowering away from Biden supporters who would act like animals on our streets than to do the right thing.


On top of that, the lawsuit will seek to reverse several decisions that “eviscerated the Pennsylvania Legislature’s protections against mail ballot fraud.”

In the lawsuit it reads that these laws barred election officials from being able to check whether or not mail-in ballot signatures were legitimate during Election Day canvassing, they removed the right of certain campaigns to challenge ballots when they were canvassed for signatures that were forged, along with other issues.  The laws blocked campaign poll watchers/observers from being able to stand close enough so that they could see the ballots they were appointed to observe, and in counties like Philadelphia they removed the statutory requirement that voters had to correctly sign, address, and date mailed ballots.

“Collectively, these three decisions resulted in counting approximately 2.6 million mail ballots in violation of the law as enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature,” Trump lawyer John Eastman wrote, adding that “more than enough” ballots are involved to affect the election outcome.

If the Supreme Court denies to even hear this case it should be pitchforks and torches by 75 million angry American voters, because the one thing Americans do not like is when someone gets away with cheating.

The Trump lawyer also asked the Supreme Court to require Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who clearly broke the law when she herself changed election laws, to respond to the filing by noon on December 23rd.

Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) filed a lawsuit against officials in Pennsylvania’s Executive branch charging that the state unconstitutionally changed its mail-in ballot laws.  This is a black letter law filing because the letter of the law says that only State Legislatures can change election laws, and members of the Pennsylvania Executive branch are certainly not from the Legislative branch of government.

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