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Trump Legal Team: “Cheating is an Institution, Election Is Irredeemable, Fraud Must be Shut down”

“We don’t know where the FBI is, perhaps we need a new agency to protect us,” Rudy Giuliani said on Thursday.

The legal team for President Donald J. Trump held a press conference on Thursday at noon, led by Rudy Giuliani who told people they have statistical data that proves cheating in the Presidential election, Giuliani said, “but also many sworn avadavats that prove there was a plan to execute plans of voter fraud especially in big cities controlled by Democrats with a long history of fraud.”

Giuliani pointed to numerous convictions of voter fraud that were already prosecuted, “The fraud was done in cities controlled by Democrats, where they control law enforcement and voting boards like in Pennsylvania where we have a margin of victory now, which is a fraud, that is 69,040 votes,” he said suggesting that cleaning up the fraud will erase that lead. 

“We have a testimony that there was no inspection of those 69,000  ballots, and mail votes are suspect to fraud, which Jimmy Carter and Justice Souter and even the New York Time said had a danger of mail, and we make this case when we have done mail-in voting en mass.  It is dangerous especially if you have a plan or scheme, as Joe Biden said a few days before the election.,” Giuliani said making reference to Democrat Joe Biden slip when he told people the Democrats had “the best voter fraud scheme”.

“They made many mistakes as all crooks do- start by pushing Republicans out- even in third worlds, they don’t push others out. Recounts will tell us nothing because we do not have signatures to look at, which we always looked at in the past. They were not inspected, and they need to be removed from the totals; these ballots could come from anyone or many ballots from one person. Bush V. Gore being the most recent case, he said. 

“That is not the only fraud in PA. For example, if you made a mistake and lived in some places, you could fix it in Democrat states; one of our plaintiffs, Mr. Henry, testified that in a Republican area, he was not allowed to fix it. The Democrat secretary of State made-up rules, and it is easily provable with hundred to thousands of witnesses on that,” he said. 

“15,000 people in Pittsburg, according to the Democrat election machine, had been told they had already voted. We have witnesses to testify that they were told they already voted when they showed up to vote, and they will testify. 50-60 witnesses who were not allowed to inspect the ballots, who were pushed and assaulted, placed far away, and corraled. They were too far away, witnesses swore under penalty of perjury that these things happened. They swear they were not allowed to carry out their functions as inspectors. Why would you not allow them to carry their functions because those ballots were being used to catch Biden up by 700,000 votes?” Giuliani said. 

“In Michigan, we have testimony from Jessie Jacob, that gave us an affidavit the coverage of this is as dishonest as the crime of the election. A fine woman, who is giving out her name, and we know that people who will be threatened and the media’s censorship is making things worse. A woman was assigned to voting duties and trained to cheat. She says she was assigned to change the date on balots. She this under oath. This is direct evidence. This is not circumstantial. Biden’s people can cross-examine her, but you can not say there is no evidence. This is public information. We believe illegal immigrants and out-of-state people were voting in Michigan and places like Camden, New Jersey. They carried these places in corrupt cities, not in places where they respect the law,” he said.


“Justice Alito said that the ballots that come in after a certain time had to be placed aside. We have a testimony that says that Alito’s order was violated, sworn to under the penalty of perjury,” Giuliani said.  “People are afraid of having their names out in public because goons go after them, and the media condones it, so that is a problem. There are many more, and the media needs to read them and not falsely report there is no evidence.” 

“People ran to what they thought was food trucks, carrying ballots at 4 AM, and we have people who will swear that the ballots were only for Biden with no down tickets with nothing on the outer envelope; we have between 60,000-100,000 ballots that were counted up to three times.  We have three American citizens who will go to court and swear to it.” 

We can specifically identify up to 300,000 votes, which is more than the margin, and they went through Detroit.    Constantino and the City of Detroit, not by us but by a private citizen with sword testimony.  Constantino, et al. v City of Detroit.

“Wisconson is a petition, that claims there was no inspection allowed, many precincts with over-votes.  The clearest sign of fraud is, for example, where there is 200% of registered voters who have voted. Classically it is considered over-voting 80%; we have 200%-300% of overvotes, as in Wayne, Michigan, and Wisconsin. There is a massive fraud.” 

“Georgia will file a lawsuit going to be filed by Trump legal team, inspections cast aside, double voters, out of state voters, and specific evidence in voting and intimidation changes.” 

“We are collecting evidence still most likely to file suit there and significant allegations in Virginia and New Mexico. We have provable illegal ballots, so look at the lawsuits.  Looks at the affidavits.  I have at least 10, and we have 1,000, and there is more that we can not reveal.”

“But this is enough to look into these issues. There also seems to be a plan on handling legal observers by putting them into a pin, not allowing them to see the ballots.  It is clearly a plan, and there was a Freudian slip by the candidate- this had to be planned, and was there a contractor to get the same pen to put the observers in.  We use a Venuzualla machine to cont the votes. The people deleted Donald Trump, and Biden is in the lead because of the illegal ballots produced, and we will prove it in court.”


“In our election, Cuba and China’s have a massive influence on Communist money, and it is the Dominion and Smartmatic software to help keep Chavez from losing. We have a strong witness to tell us how it works and they are in the pleadings of Lin Woon in Georgia – stunning affidavit, and the eyewitness was with Chavez when they developed these systems. He knew that when he saw the states close down from counting, we were going through the same things,” Powell said. 

“The testimony matches numerous eyewitness testimony who said they saw ballots come in at the time when counting stopped, and we have statistical evidence to prove there was a change. Dominion is not to be found now, but we know that there are ties to the Clinton Foundation and other politicians to Dominion.  We know this from a written letter read from testimony about Smartmatic, and the company has hidden offshore and hidden entities, and is own by Chaves and is Communistic,” she said. 


Experts have found that Smartmatic has end-user vulnerabilities and change to whatever they want. They can weigh votes differently; they could have changed the entire election.  The machines had to shut down because of so many votes for Trump, and they had to backfill the votes for Biden, so we only know about all of this time.  The software manual, which you can get from the internet, spells it out.  The machines are easily accessible to anyone- there has been no oversight, even videos on how a kid with a phone could hack it.  You can drop and drop a batch to throw away or assign to a different candidate.  We have proof of Biden being given votes and batches of Trump votes being dumped. 

Many people working on elections might not have known, but many did. Hence, we need a widescale criminal investigation, different benefits that used taxpayer money to get Dominion machines and election insurance, who used the machines.  Texas denied certification in 2019 with Dominion systems. Other software is embedded in the source code in all machines, and no doubt there is evidence of use in the other corrupt counties. This is stunning and heartbreaking, infuriating, and most unpatriotic acts for people to have participated in; the American public is fed up with the corruption. we are not going to back down, and we will clean it up.  We will reclaim the country who vote for freedom. 


“I can tell you what the media will say, they will say that there is not sufficient evidence of fraud,  or that we talked too long; this, what we are doing today,  is an opening statement; this is not a law and order episode where everything is wrapped up in 60 minutes.  What we are telling you is what the networks have been hiding, by hiding the merits of this case- our objection is to preserve safe elections.  We are going to make sure that election integrity is preserved and if your fake news network is not allowing you to the core, ask why. 

We have a case that could take years to develop, and we go thru the process; we are not trying our case in the court of public opinion. You are not unbiased jurors.  Your opinion does not matter; you need to allow coverage of our legal team. I can anticipate what your headlines will be. You are unacceptable; this is an opening statement; we tell you what the evidence will show- the American people need to know what we have uncovered in a few weeks. We are a nation of rules, not rulers. There is not someone who gets to pick a president outside of the American people. The states legislature and all of the way up to change the rules that are what Democrats do if they can t win they change the rules. Hamilton Fed 68 on the electoral college, We want to protect election integrity and are proud of President Trump. He swore an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution awe is confident we will get to victory. Still, we will also protect the election process, and this I not overturn an election. We are the represents here standing in the gap and defending the American people, and this is about the unites States of American; we won’t back down. The PRess needs to cover this fairly- it matters.  This is an overview; we have time, and we will show the Constitutional process.  The election is irredeemably compromised. 

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