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“Trump” is what Happens when Republicans Play Politics like they are Democrats, DNC is in the Shadows

President Donald J. Trump is the politician that most Conservatives have dreamed of getting into office because of his bold measures to win and the confidence he has to get his way, which are behaviors that only far-left Democrats have exhibited for the past 20 years or more.

The Marxist transformation of our nation was well thought out, the theft of our civil liberties were carried out right in our faces, supported by very wealthy and powerful Democrats and RINOS,  and there is little hope we can combat that now in this late stage of their power grab, but that does not stop Trump from acting as a wrecking ball to what his former 2016 Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon accurately calls the “Administrative State”, what others call it the “Swamp”.

However, remember that Americans love an underdog. That is a key PR move here.

Many of Trump’s strategies for dismantling the suffocating powers of a huge government are described as “sloppy” by the Marxist Mainstream Media, however, they may look “surgical”  if you consider what he is doing this week.

This week during the Democrat National Convention, Trump has already played his hand so brilliantly that it has the Democrats in hysterics.  Each one of Trump’s well thought out moves makes him look like a smarter leader and a stronger opponent, something Democrats are simply not accustomed to battling.

Based on reading Democrat’s reactions to Tuesday’s pardon of her, on the historic anniversary of Susan B. Anthony’s work securing the right for women to vote, one day after the opening of the DNC, the left is exhausted from losing and they can’t hold it together another moment.

Trump looks like he has taken a page out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook- and he is trying to win the 2020 Election by “any means necessary”, and the left is very uncomfortable about it all.

Even mere hours after the death of his beloved brother, Trump is so skilled at gaining the edge he humiliates his enemies for being slow and unprepared, drawing people into his world, just to see a glimpse of his winning approach.

No one is amazed by the Democrat convention, but Americans are conditioned to think Democrats are going to win by massive cheating and get away with it.

People stop me and ask me how I think Trump is doing, they hang their heads at Republicans meetings and say they are worried that Democrat Joe Biden is going to win and the country is over.

I tell them that Trump is unbeatable by any Democrat at this point. The Democrat Party wouldn’t want to change all of the rules of the game, the election if they thought that Biden was going to win. And Trump is not going to roll over and hide over cheating as Mitt Romney did in 2012. Trump is not going to act like a Republican dealing with voter fraud. That has to be debilitating for the Democrats.

I think it is humiliating to be a Democrat these days, they know they can’t beat Trump, they know he isn’t going to let them cheat.

Look at this week alone, the more adversity he is challenged by, the stronger and younger Trump looks. You see it too, right?

Even the media is seeing it. They are starting to expect it.

The Washington Examiner reported Tuesday, “On the day that Biden is due to accept the Democrat party’s Presidential nomination, the president’s visit to Pennsylvania, they say, will highlight residents’ allegations that Biden touts his blue-collar roots without having delivered much for Scranton.”

Trump is the only Republican who fights for his position as if he knows how to win. He uses the media like the Democrats do, and the Democrats are so mad about it.  Other Republicans would never dare use the media.

Trump has people on his team who understand the power of messaging, branding, and PR  in political campaigns, like no other past Republican in recent memory. Trump is a showman, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.

Even when they are attacking Trump, the media is doing exactly what Trump set them up to do and the American people love having a champion again.

When the Republicans hit hard and use the media like the Democrats have for decades, it makes you understand the statement that “it’s not so funny when the Rabbit has the Gun”.  Democrats are not laughing. They are miserable and angry, they don’t expect to win.

Trump is using their tactics on them.

“What you’re going to hear about is how Biden’s policies left those people behind and how the policies he’s pursuing now show how out of touch he is with his hometown,” said one official told the Washington Examiner,  about the upcoming PA visit.

Trump is the only Republican to go in for the knock out punch, because the GOP has either been complicit in weakening the average Republican or because they are afraid of taking a blow, themselves- so they retreat.

Trump does not care what the consequences are when he has his focus set on victory, that is why I am very confident he is going to win.

But that doesn’t mean we, Trump supporters, sit back idly.  No, in honor of Trump we need to fight harder these next 60 or so days.

Fight like we are down.  Don’t stop talking about getting others registered to vote and talking about voting for Republicans all the way down the ballot in every state.

Make sure people know where they go to vote, in case they don’t know,  and then pester people until they can report they have gone to vote.

The time to shrink back is not now, this is the time to fight like you are “the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark, and it is starting to rain”.

You will be just like Trump on the week of the Democrat Convention- a blatant, unrepentant winner.


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