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Trump is going to win this election

I’m going to go ahead and call it. I think President Trump is going to win this election. 

The polls keep saying Biden is ahead and he’s got this. However, polls have historically shown to not be completely accurate and the polling process isn’t full-proof. For a poll to be more accurate I would argue that way more people need to be polled than are. It’s similar, in my mind, to surveys. They don’t tell you how many people are surveyed or where, they just make a blanket statement that so many people vote one way or the other based on results from a few.

Biden’s rallies have been an absolute joke. The few he’s held either have only a few people allowed in attendance or have not had half of what Trump has had at his rallies. When Biden has had rallies and events, the number of people that come is just weak. He tweeted a picture from a drive-in rally he held  the other day and was so proud of the outcome. Of course, conservatives quickly took to Twitter posting pictures of Trump rallies with thousands upon thousands of people in attendance.

The polls may be saying Trump is going to lose, but his rallies say otherwise. The parades going through so many states with thousands of vehicles proudly displaying their love of Trump and his role as President show just how great Trump’s chances are. The silent majority is silent no more.

They’re getting loud. 

But despite the massive amount of outpouring and support, there are still those silently voting for Trump. There are those that will be ridiculed, attacked, and bullied for their vote. So they stay quiet, while the rest of the majority wakes up and proudly and loudly voices their support. The ones staying quiet but casting their vote will be the ones that cause the biggest surprise for Democrats when Trump wins. 

Biden supporters are too afraid of a virus with a 99% survival rate. Trump supporters are demonstrating their love for the country and how much they care by safely, but surely going to the polls, casting their ballots, and re-electing a president that has done more for this country than most, if not any, president in history. 

Another sign that Trump will win? 

The massive amount of businesses and homes being boarded up across the country is a tell-tale that the Democrats are terrified. Republicans and conservatives aren’t going to be the ones tearing apart the country and burning down buildings if Biden wins. Democrats, however, will light the world on fire if Trump is re-elected.

Why would so many people go to such trouble to protect their businesses if they didn’t think there was a really solid chance Trump would win? If Democrats were as confident as they say in Biden winning, there wouldn’t be such preparation for Trump’s victory.

I could be wrong, after all, only the Lord knows what’s going to happen on Tuesday, but from what I’ve seen, a Trump victory will be the outcome.

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