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Attacking Trump

Trump Happy with Feds in Portland While Democrats Melt Down and Threaten Him

President Donald J. Trump said on Monday that he is considering sending federal officers to cities other than Portland after they did a “great job” taking care of Antifa rioters, who Trump has said are who had been rioting at a Federal Courthouse, and the Democrats are not at all happy about the calls for Law and Order.

“They were for 51 days ripping down that city, looting it. The level of corruption and what’s going on there’s incredible, Trump said, in defense of sending in Federal Authorities.

Trump has said the United States will designate Antifa as “Domestic Terrorists”.

After violent attacks on the Federal authorities, some Oregon officials were very unhappy about the restored law and order and asked the Federal law enforcement to leave the area.

CBS showed their lack of respect for the office of President of the United States, by writing, “Mr. Trump [it is President Trump], described Portland as being ‘out of control,’ describing the protesters as ‘anarchists,” showing their agenda to make Trump’s actions seem wildly unfair.

The Democrat-News Media is intentionally mischaracterizing the events, Independent media is reporting these are not simple protests over the death of George Floyd’s death.

Notable Democrats, themselves #Resist Trump members, turned to social media to demand that Trump reject his legal authorities as President of the United States, and stand down from protecting the country, where Democrats have seemingly allow violence and defacing of Federal property.

The Mayor of New York City commented that the Federal authorities are the “chaos secret police” after defanging and hindering his own police force and allowing crime to run rampant in his jurisdiction.

The Radical Democrat member of the US House from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib said she is willing to get arrested over restoring law and order.

Democrat representative of Oregon stoked the fires of criminal intent by saying that Federal Law enforcement needed to be held accountable for illegal acts, by restoring law and order in her state.

Democrat Speaker of the House called the Federal authorities “storm troopers”.

Portland has descended into total chaos, which the left has exploited for more political theater, giving the Democrat media new opportunities to scream about how things are unfair to them, and they are just kind protestors.

In this video, rioters have doubled down on their attacks, and Federal authorities have stood their ground.


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