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TRUMP GOLDEN TOUCH: Jeff Van Drew in New Jersey Won his Seat as a Republican, Switched from Dem for Trump

Jeff Van Drew, a Republican, was fighting to hold on to a seat that he won as a Democrat in 2018. Mr. Van Drew switched parties in 2019, saying he could not support the impeachment of President Trump and faced Amy Kennedy, a Democrat and former schoolteacher who is married to former Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island.

On Friday it was announced that Van Drew had won.

The Hill reported on Drew’s race and said, “the battle between Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew (N.J.) and Democrat Amy Kennedy to represent New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District has become one of the most high-profile House races in the country, with the candidates in a dead heat in the final stretch ahead of Election Day. “

Van Drew — who flipped the seat from red to blue during the Democratic wave in 2018 — was thrust into the national spotlight after he opted to switch parties after voting against impeachment earlier this year. The switch in party affiliation has made Van Drew a top target for Democrats, who are looking to take back the swing seat they thought they secured during the midterm election cycle.  

While Trump won the district by just under five points in 2016, former President Barack Obama (D) prevailed in the South Jersey district in both 2008 and 2012, leading both parties to express confidence that the top of the ticket will help them down-ballot on Tuesday.  One Democratic operative said they see the sizable number of ballots cast ahead of Nov. 3 in conjunction with the polling numbers as an encouraging sign, but noted an influx of Republicans dropping off their ballots on Election Day is a possibility.  

Democrats have looked to capitalize on the New Jersey Republican’s party switch, tying him to the president and releasing ads accusing Van Drew of turning his back on the people that voted him into office. Kennedy said she thinks Van Drew’s decision to change hasn’t resonated well with undecided voters. 

“I don’t have to make up a false narrative — people saw his party switch and, his remarks that day and every day since and they’re able to see that it was really a self-serving, kind of opportunistic move,” she told The Hill in an interview during a campaign event on Sunday.  

“And so in that case, I feel like I just really have to introduce myself to voters and make sure that they know that I’m willing to fight hard and let them decide.”

Politico tried an a shaming technique on Drew last week, that proved to completely miss the mark, most likely because they don’t understand Trump supporters.



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