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Trump-Endorsed Candidates Sweep Establishment GOP Picks as Michigan Grassroots Rise Up… Win Against All Odds

There is no doubt about it. President Trump is the kingmaker of 2022. His endorsements are golden and everyone will be fighting for Trump’s endorsement. Michigan is a prime example where upset after upset occurred and all of Trump’s endorses won even though most were favored to lose. The lamestream press is doing its darndest to write Trump off for 2024 but he keeps on winning.

It reminds me of John Wayne when a reporter noted that at that time Wayne had not won a single acting award. Wayne told the reporter, “No one likes me except the people.” Ditto, President Trump. The Democrats hate him, the establishment hates him, but the people flock to wherever he goes for a rally. Go figure.

Getting back to the nominations in Michigan. It was a clean sweep for the Trump-endorsed candidates.  Trump-endorsed election integrity candidates Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State and Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno for Attorney General as their choice to run in the 2022 general election.

Over 2,000 delegates gathered to vote for their candidates. Not surprisingly, populist candidate Kristina Karamo walked away with 1344 votes. Her closest competitor received just 390 votes. Matt DePerno garnered over 54% of the vote. You must remember that neither of these candidates have any political experience and neither one had much money and their opponents had tons of cash.

This bodes well for the 2022 presidential election if they win in the general election. They would control how the election operates and DePerno will have the power to prosecute all ballot harvesters and mother election cheats. Both are strong election integrity candidates.

From The Gateway Pundit

What Mauger, who spends most of his time doing hit jobs on conservatives, doesn’t understand is that the majority of Republicans have been hoping for decades that someone like Donald Trump would come along and re-build the party that, for too long, has allowed the establishment leaders to control it while turning up their noses at grassroots candidates like Kristina and Matt.

Michigan is unique because of the massive grassroots structure in place across the state. Still, the sentiment remains the same in states across America, where Republicans are desperate to break free from establishment hacks like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell and elect candidates who truly represent them and their values, and not the values of their favorite lobbyist.

The former MIGOP Chair, and RINO Laura Cox, attacked Michigan’s queen of grassroots, co-Chair of the MIGOP Meshawn Maddock, calling her “crazy” and calling MIGOP Chair Weiser “rich, uninterested and distant.” MIGOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock had the perfect response, telling the bitter, unpopular former chair, “Put down your drink, Laura,” adding, “Winning isn’t something you would understand.”

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