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Trump donates millions to help human trafficking victims

President Donald Trump showed once again how much he cares about the American people. Yesterday, the Trump administration announced that they would be giving more than $35 million of Justice Department funds to organizations that help victims of human trafficking, according to AP News.

When I heard this I was thrilled and once again shown the importance of making sure President Trump is re-elected in November. The news was timely as Jeffrey Epstein’s dealings and associates are being exposed and combed through. It is often said by conservatives that President Trump is for the American people. But while every politician throws this line into their campaign, President Trump is showing that he actually cares about Americans and their safety. 

According to AP News, Attorney General Barr said regarding the donations that his department will “do everything possible to investigate, prosecute, and punish traffickers.” 

Human trafficking is arguably one of the worst and most vile forms of sin and corruptness. While ex-presidents (looking at you Clinton) have been involved with awful incidents like human trafficking or even stayed silent on the matter, President Trump is going above and beyond to help eradicate this black spot on America.

I recently watched the movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson for the second time. The first time I watched it I was gripping my boyfriend on the edge of my seat. I finished the movie heartbroken and thrilled at the same time. I was heartbroken by the very vivid reminder that human trafficking can happen to anyone at any time and thrilled that Liam Neeson completely desolated the evil men that had taken his daughter. When I finished it the second time I was even more motivated to find out what I can do to help. 

It can be easy to think that human trafficking doesn’t happen where you live. Your city or town may seem innocent, safe, and sweet. But lurking underneath the innocence can be sneaky, evil, and vile actions. Kids go missing all the time. Teens meet up with people they meet on social media thinking they’re meeting a cute guy or girl and instead never come home. 

Think of your younger sibling- sweet, adorable, not a care in the world. Then all of a sudden they disappear. When the police finally find them, if they’re still alive, they’ve been sexually abused. Their innocence is now forever gone. 

The reality of this happening to someone you know may be slim, but the fact is it does happen to people who think it will never happen to them all the time. President Trump allocating so many funds to fight human trafficking victims is an incredible move. 

Trump’s daughter and Presidential Adviser, Ivanka Trump, said it is “the gravest of human rights violations.” It is refreshing to see a president and his family that are working beyond the everyday issues in America that we always hear about, and looking out for the interests of victims who have been so horribly wronged. 

Though the money can’t erase what has happened to the rescued victims of human trafficking, it can provide help and aid that victims so desperately need once rescued. The psychological and physical effects caused by the trauma of trafficking are brutal. 

In addition to the money allocated to help the victims, the exposure is vast. Between the Epstein news that is continually coming out and the president’s actions to fight evil, human trafficking was brought to light and those that may have been apathetic to the cause, are now aware and wanting to fight the injustice however they can.

If you have been inspired by Trump’s incredible actions and want to get involved, check out Freedom 4/24, an organization that I know has saved countless people and works tirelessly to stop the evil that is trafficking.


Brittany Slaughter is an opinion writer for Her work can be found in The Washington Examiner, Campus Reform, The College Fix, New Right Network, and The Hill. She is published in the book She’s Conservative- Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses.  She is a journalist dedicated to standing up for the truth, even when it is unpopular.

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