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Trump Delivers a Knock Out Punch to Iran, Biden Goes Soft on Iran, Pompeo Crushes Iran

Iran, a terrorist nation led by unpopular Mullahs who have threatened to kill Americans routinely, was hammered by President Donald J. Trump and his administration Tuesday, while the Democrat challenger Joe Biden has gone soft on Iran showing the difference between the two Presidential candidates.

On Tuesday, Trump was on Fox and Friends and delivered a strong rebuke to Iran saying that if anything happens to Americans by Iran, “1000 times worse will happen to them”, Trump said.

Trump took the opportunity to remind people that Former President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration, which included at the time Biden as his second in command, actually funded the Mullahs of Iran and their terror schemes.

The statement by Trump comes a day after the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo was on Fox News with Martha McCallum and talked about Iran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has engaged in assassination efforts all across the world.  They have assassinated people in Europe and in other parts of the world.  We take these kind of allegations seriously.  We’ll do everything that’s within our means to protect any one of our State Department officials the same we do for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.  And we make very clear to the Islamic Republic of Iran that this kind of activity – attacking any American any place at any time, whether it’s an American diplomat, an ambassador, or one of our service members – is completely unacceptable.

One of my first things I do every morning is get a security update from all across the world.  It’s a dangerous world out there.  We do an enormous amount of work to protect our people.  And we know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and they’ve conducted this kind of assassination before.  We’re doing everything we can to keep everyone safe,” Pompeo said.

Iran is on the mind of Biden, and his media allies at CNN attempt to gloss over that Biden was instrumental in getting the Iran Mullahs over 150 Billion US Dollars just a few short years ago.

(Oh he is really going to be tough, right CNN? Note the fist! )

From the CNN report, in an interview about Iran, Biden said, “When Donald Trump ran for President, he promised a “better deal” to constrain Iran’s nuclear program and pledged to pressure Tehran into curbing its aggressive behavior across the Middle East. Like so many of President Trump’s promises, these proved to be just empty words. Instead, he recklessly tossed away a policy that was working to keep America safe and replaced it with one that has worsened the threat.”

In the mind of Biden, apparently looting American to payoff Iran was a good deal, and making America strong enough to not have to submit to Iran, is a bad idea.

That is the difference between the two candidates.

Flashback to Biden’s good idea on how we should face Iran:

When the policy was to apologize, as is shown on this video of captured US Sailors who were made to kneel and apologize for videos and used as Anti-American propaganda at the blessing of Biden, who was Vice President at the time:

While favorite Democrat cohort, John McCain, pretended to be outraged at demands for US military to submit and be used to embolden Iran:

The final test of how the American people want Iran to be treated is Nov. 3.

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