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Trump Calls out Susan Rice and Others for “Treason” in the “Political Crime of the Century”, Says Group was Caught “Red-Handed”

President Donald J. Trump left no wiggle room at all for former President Barack Obama or former US Ambassador Susan Rice, on Monday, slamming both as participants of what Trump said could be considered “Treason”.

Trump said that Obama and Rice had been caught “red-handed” spying on Trump’s 2016 Presidental campaign,  in a response to reporter Chanel Rion of One American News Network, who inquired about the appearance that 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden might choose Rice as a running mate to help cover-up Obama’s crimes.

Rumors had swirled for days that Biden would announce Rice as his running mate as early as last week, but Biden has yet to make any announcement.

“Many of your supporters feel that the reason Obama’s former NSA Susan Rice is on the top of Biden’s list is that she could best cover up a lot of the #ObamaGate surveillance crimes that took place during your campaign,” Rion said.

Ironically Rice had commented about using the NSA to perpetuate a Democrat hoax against Trump, just one day before:

At the press conference, Monday Trump said that choosing Rice could be a liability for Biden.

“They have been caught, lets see what happens to them. They have been caught red-handed.  It’s probably treason and it is a horrible thing that they have done. They used the intelligence agencies of our country to spy on my campaign, and there are a lot of people involved. I don’t want to say how much she is involved, frankly, if she is involved that is fine but it is a potential liability, we’ll see,” Trump said.


“We have Obama, Rice, Biden, Comey, Clapper, and Brennan.  We have it documented in all kinds of forms that the whole group knew about it. This should never be allowed to happen ever again.   It was the political crime of the century and they were all caught.  We will see what happens to them.,”Trump said.


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