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Trump Attorney Reads Extensive List of Alleged Voter Fraud Irregularities In Georgia, Will Ask Court For New Election [VIDEO]

On Thursday, an attorney working for the Trump legal team, Ray Smith, presented a long list of voter irregularities in Georgia related to the 2020 election.

Smith read off the extensive list of election infractions during a Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing and announced that the campaign will be filing a petition to contest the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The list reveals that 2,506 felons voted in Georgia, which is against Georgia law.  66,248 underaged people were registered to vote in the state, again, against the law.  2,423 unregistered people voted, and you guessed it, against the law.   And then 10,315 dead people voted, among several other types of irregularities Smith said.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly argued that there were massive election irregularities that took place in Georgia in this election, and his message has been ignored by the mainstream media.  More than ignored, most of the usual suspect called Trump’s allegations baseless and misleading, and they go on to act like he’s making the whole thing up.  Meanwhile, the rest of us have watched hearings in multiple states, including Georgia, where whistleblowers get up and testify as to what they saw and experienced while working in vote counting centers. That’s called evidence. That’s called not baseless allegations.

Earlier in the day, bombshell video footage was played showing suitcases of ballots being retrieved from under tables in Georgia vote counting facilities after poll workers were told to go home because they were shutting down the counting effort until the morning.  That is a pattern we saw in all of the key battleground states.  The Democrats who controlled the vote counting centers would tell the people working there that they were shutting down counting for the evening and that everybody should go home.  Once the Republican observers left the building the Democrats who were still there continued counting, only in most cases bags and boxes filled with thousands of ballots for Joe Biden were smuggled into the building and were rushed through counting machines.   In the Georgia incident where suitcases were brought out that were hidden under tables covered by table cloths that reached to the floor, on the video it was shown that a female worker placed the suitcase under the table earlier in the morning.  I guess that way they didn’t have to smuggle suitcase in after they sent the Republican observers home, for fear that some would stick around outside and catch them.

There have also been some allegations by whistleblowers that they witnessed stacks of ballots for Joe Biden that were repeatedly sent through the counting machines multiple times.

Smith revealed that the case they were filing with the court will call for the election to deemed void due to overwhelming voter fraud, and a new election to be heled in the state.  He said they wanted to call for that remedy before asking to call on the Georgia state legislature to select their state’s electors themselves, which they have the Constitutional right to do.

“Because of irregularities and abject failure of the secretary of state of this state and the counties to properly conduct of the election it is impossible,   impossible to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election,” Smith said. He then pointed out that a typical remedy for such a problem would be to have a new election.

“That would certainly be a possible remedy in the instance and we are asking the court to order a new election,” he continued. “However, because the presidential election is actually a delegation of your constitutional duties as a legislature, you as a Georgia legislature are the body that is to choose the presidential electors.”

In other words, the trump legal team is not trying to do anything that would be unfair and to their advantage. Rather, they want the election to follow the law so that a free and fair election happens.  However, if they can’t get a free and fair election after all the voter fraud that was discovered, and there is no way to do another election, then they want to invoke the right to ask the state legislature to choose their electors.

When the state election code is “ignored and wholly disregarded,” Smith said, “the legislature cannot rely on the results of that flawed process.”  He said the Constitution has a remedy for that situation, which allows a state legislature to select their own electors.  Since the Georgia state legislature is controlled by Republicans, Republican electors will be chosen.

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