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Trouble in ‘Transition Paradise’ Biden is not Naming Blacks to Powerful Positions-says James Clayburn

Far left Radical Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told The Hill on Wednesday that the Democrat former Vice PresidentJoe Biden has so far fallen short when it comes to appointing Black people to his Cabinet during his self proclaimed “transition” time.

 Although the victory has hardly been awarded to Biden, his team has proclaimed victory, and they have begun the process of transitioning into the office of President of the United States, and already people who supported Biden are seeing that he didn’t intend to keep his campaign promises to elevate Black Americans. 

In his article, for Axios, Clyburn says Biden not naming enough Black Cabinet membersFadel Allassan writes: Why it matters: Clyburn, a Biden ally, played a crucial role in helping secure the president-elect’s path to the White House during the Democratic primary. His endorsement was pivotal in reviving the former VP’s campaign when it appeared to be flailing.

What he’s saying: Clyburn expressed support for the selection of Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a Black diplomat who served in the Obama administration, to be ambassador to the United Nations. But Clyburn said that choice was not enough.

  • “From all I hear, Black people have been given fair consideration,” Clyburn said. “But there is only one Black woman so far.”

Please visit Axios for the rest of the article. “Still amazing that Biden locks up tons of black men and Trump spends four years springing them from prison and giving them jobs only to watch Biden still get 90% of the black vote. People are fascinating. We are some strange creatures,” journalist, Jessie Kelly wrote. Biden had struggled during the campaign with numerous miscalculations and blunders with the Black Community, yet vote tabulations show that in major cities, in battle ground areas, it was in fact what appears to the Black Vote that delivered what may end up to be a Presidential victory.

 So if Biden wins,he will have Black Voters to thank. Yet he isn’t acting very thankful toward them now. When a left leaning organization like Axios sees that the Democrat Party leader, which is what Biden will be if he is sworn in, is falling short again with Black Americans, then it is time to re-eluate whey President Donald J. Trump was able to capture so much of the Black voter base.

 Earlier in November, Clayburn who is 80 years old, told CNN that he believed that Trump was like “Hitler”. Clyburn told CNN host Chris Cuomo that he sees parallels between what is happening in the United States today and Hitler’s takeover of the Weimar Republic after getting elected chancellor of Germany. 

Trump posted a video on Friday highlighting the Million MAGA March in DC earlier in November, which had snippets of interviews of Black American supporters of Trump’s with numerous people saying that Trump earned their support of him, with hard work and outreach.

Reaction to Clayburn’s thoughts and feelings about Biden now are mixed on Twitter:

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