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Trans Serial Killer Who Targets Women Has Been Placed in a Women’s Prison

Hey, what possibly could go wrong with this? A transgender woman who sought out and murdered nine women has been placed in a women’s prison.

It adds a little mystery to prison life. -Will you be strangled on the way back to your cell? Will you get stabbed in the shower? Hung in the gym? It would certainly break up the monotony of prison life. On the bright size think about all of the cool prison pools you could run.

“Donna Perry,” born Douglas, has been transferred to the Washington Correctional Center for Women under a new law that allows you to serve your time in the prison that matches your self-identification. Just shave your beard and slap on a dress and you can hit on a ton of women in a captive environment.

It’s not ideal for women, but who cares? as long as it is politically correct.

Perry was convicted of three killings in 2017 but he had told police that he had killed nine women in all. His lawyers tried to claim that it was Douglas Perry, who killed the women and not Donna Perry, her new identity.

Some lawyers have no shame at all. Did they really believe that would fly? And what defense could they use if “Donna” commits murder in prison? Inquiring minds want to know.

The prosecution made the case that Perry fled to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery in order to hide from authorities and avoid suspicion.

From The Gateway Pundit

The prosecution argued that it was likely Perry had fled to Thailand and underwent gender reassignment surgery in order to avoid suspicion for the murders.

Perry was sentenced to three life sentences without the possibility of parole.

“In December 2021, a female former inmate at the WCCW anonymously came forward and reported that the institution had been experiencing a wave of sexual assaults on vulnerable female inmates by trans-identified males who recieved transfers to the facility after identifying as female,” 4W reports.

“One such assault was committed by Princess Zoe Andromeda Love, a biological male with a criminal history that included the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Love  sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled female inmate just prior to his release – at which point he allegedly began identifying as male again,” the report added.

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