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Trans Man Says Transitioning Children is Harmful and Experimental Not to Mention Dangerous

Scot Newgent explains the pain and the danger in experimental transitional surgery.

Scott Newgent, the trans man whose heartbreaking and powerful interview in the documentary, “What is a Woman” is powerful and quite frankly extremely frightening. Newgent reveals that the experimental transitioning surgeries rake in about $1.3 million dollars per case between medications and surgery. Despite numerous surgeries, New gent has not been able to transition into a man and he is warning parents that letting children transition is dangerous and does not make them happy.

His message will be cast aside as liberal parents now consider it to be a major status symbol if their children transition to the opposite sex. But, think of all of the Mommy and Daddy Dearest books that will be available over the next few decades. It will be a boon for psychologists for the next 50 to 100 years as the children transitioning today begin to regret what their parents allowed them to do when they were too young to make the decision on what to do.

Newgent says:

“I have been angry for so long about what medical transitioning has done to my health, the reckless disregard for children’s health, how pharma & surgeons like Dr Curtis Crane are making millions butchering people without regard & the LGBTQ allowing fetish flags to be the backbone of homosexuality.”

“I’ve been livid, walking through life with a sift, ‘f— you,’ to everyone I felt was taking advantage of me or others stepping out of line, hurting others with no regard. All of these messages about my interview in the documentary, ‘What is a Woman?‘ I believe it’s healing me in many ways. It feels like the earth opened up and said, ‘We see you; what happened to you is wrong; we see the pain.’”

“Parents, medical transition is not for children; it’s creating an illusion of the opposite gender for comfort. Adults have the right to choose, but it doesn’t cure anything; it’s experimental, and it is not safe.”

Newgent, 48,  is a mother of three who tried to transition at the age of 42, is grateful to the documentary “What is a Woman” because it has given her a larger platform to get his message out about the dangers and pain associated with transitioning.

If you are a parent and considering the transitioning of your child, I strongly suggest you watch this documentary first. It may make you stop and think. But, some of you won’t because you enjoy the status symbol your child gives you.

Steven Ahle
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