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Trafalgar Poll Shows Georgia’s Governor Kemp Would Lose Badly To Doug Collins

A new poll shows that Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) would handily beat Republican Governor Brian Kemp in a hypothetical match up in the state’s 2022 gubernatorial race, a new poll shows.

On Saturday, The Trafalgar Group founder Robert Cahaly took to social media to post information that the survey was started after President Donald Trump floated the possible matchup at a December 4 campaign rally to whip up support for Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who face challenges on Tuesday that will determine which party controls the Senate and the fate of the free world.  If the Republicans win one or hopefully both seats, the Republicans can hold off much of the damage that the Democrat-controlled House and a possible Biden administration would try to inflict on our country over the next two years until the mid-term elections when the GOP should take back the House, barring any more massive voter fraud by the Democratic Party, the likes of which we just witnessed in the November 3 election.

“After @realDonaldTrump brought it up at his last #GA rally, our @trafalgar_group #GASen #Runoff #polls started asking #GOP voters about a potential #2022 #GAGOP #Primary for Governor. Results:

46.2% @RepDougCollins

6.3% Lean Collins

24.5% @BrianKempGA

7.3% Lean Kemp

15.6% Und”

The results have Collins beating the pulp out of Kemp 46.2 percent to 24.5 percent.  The poll shows there is about 7 percent are now leaning toward Kemp (they must be the people who have been sleeping for two months) and 6 percent are leaning toward Collins.  Undecideds came in at a little over 15 percent.

President Trump said it like it is after the Trafalgar Group posted the results of the survey.

“Wow, I guess it’s not good to go against a President who everyone in Georgia knows got you into office!”

Last week the president spoke out and called onKemp to resign, saying he is “an obstructionist who refuses to admit that we won Georgia.”

The president was referring to calls for Governor Kemp to call a Special Session Georgia state legislature so that they can vote on the evidence obtained showing massive election fraud in the state for the 2020 election, and the need for the legislature, controlled by Republicans, to call their own Electors.  Kemp has responded to such calls so far by claiming that it would be against the state constitution for him to call a special session just so that the Republicans in the legislature could overturn the election.  But the reality of the situation is that a Special Session is what is needed to overturn the false election results because the Democrats and the Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger violated the US Constitution when they cheated in the election by changing election laws when they didn’t have the authority to do so, and when the Democrats used registrations of people who either died or moved out of the state to vote for Biden, so Kemp’s arguments are ridiculous at best.

At a Trump rally in December, the president congratulated Doug Collins, who was at the event and who came in third place in the special Senate general election on November 3 that advanced Loeffler to face off with Democrat Raphael Warnock.  I will not call him Revered, because he preaches darkness and evil in the name of Christianity.

“He [Collins] and Kelly had a great primary, a very strong primary,” Trump said, asking the question, “Doug, you want to run for governor in two years?… He’d be a good-looking governor.”

Many people, myself included, fear that the Democrats have already stolen the two seats up for grabs in the Senate runoff elections.  The Democrats are masters at election fraud, and I can guarantee you that they are cheating their rear ends off as we speak.  For every court challenge, Republicans win that beat back Democrat attempts at cheating they have more schemes in the works.  Georgia Republicans and Democrats and Independents who want to keep our country free and not become a socialist banana republic should do everything they can to defeat the two Democrats running for the open Senate seats.  Donate to the two Republicans and vote like your and your children’s futures depend on it, because they absolutely do.

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