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Top Ten Other Kamala Harris Make-Work Jobs

Most vice presidents have not been given many duties, but those who have performed the tasks given to them. Not always well, but they did put their best effort into it. But, Kamala Harris has been the worst vice president since Joe Biden. She was given tasks that she never even pretended to do such as our Southern border. Even people on the left are jumping on her. Not that she minds people jumping on her because she has gotten a lot of high-paying no-show jobs. Right, Willie Brown?

The next job she was given was to repair the damaged relationship with France. But, in her first meeting with Macron, she tried to give him a kiss and he stopped her. Brandon screwed Macron and France over submarine sales to Australia. France had a deal to sell diesel-powered subs to Australia, but Biden convinced them to buy nuclear-powered subs.

But Joe didn’t bother to check the availability of the nuclear subs. The best estimate at this time is that Australia will get their first sub in 20 years. Then to make matters worse, Macron was not told about Biden undermining him until he was told in public, humiliating him. It was a complete public whipping for Macron and he will never trust this administration again.

From The Gateway Pundit

Top Ten Other Kamala Harris Make-Work Jobs

10. Spearhead effort for reducing hyperactivity in aging tree sloths

9. Negotiate a trade deal with Antarctica

8. “Waffle Cones vs. Sugar Cones: A Six-Hour Powerpoint Presentation for President Joe Biden (Eyes Only)”

7. Undercover investigation of Chicago South Side gang areas

6. Collect and collate a complete collection of emerging personal pronouns.

5. Fix that Canadian border thing.

4. TikTok: Where Does It End? A One-Woman Investigation.

3. Der Cacklemeister.

2. United States senator from California, 2017-2021 (Sorry, I’ve just been informed that was real. I apologize for the error)

And finally, the number one Kamala Harris make-work job…

1. Willie Brown.

Really, the vice president’s most important job might be nothing more than managing a smooth-running office, so that if they do have to step up as POTUS, they can be ready to go at a heartbeat’s notice.

Or lack thereof.

Harris can’t even do that much: Her staff is leaving in droves because “Staffers Say She’s Is A Mean, Morale-Destroying Bully As A Boss.”

Clearly, Harris can’t be trusted with anything important, even when she’s expected by her own boss to fail.

Maybe that’s why Harris has now been put in charge of fixing those nasty “maternal mortality issues” that hardly exist.

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