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Top Dem Pollsters Paint Bleak Picture for Democrats — And They Have the Data to Prove It

Lifelong Democratic pollster Doug Schoen and his fellow pollster Carly Cooperman recently polled Americans to find out what the future looks like for the political parties and what they found is that the Democratic Party is in deep doo-doo.

If the election were held today and Biden voted for Trump, it would almost be unanimous. He is falling faster than the price of gravel sandwiches.

The key findings include:

  • 53% of likely voters believe President Joe Biden “hasn’t paid enough attention to the country’s most important problems,” compared to 38% who believe Biden’s priorities are correct;
  • 66% of likely voters agree that “Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress are out of touch with hardworking Americans” because “they have been so focused on passing their own agenda,” compared 30% who believe Biden and Democrats are not out of touch;
  • 65% of likely voters agree that Biden has not improved the U.S. like he promised, compared to 31% who disagree;
  • 52% of likely voters believe the economy has worsened because of Biden, compared to 36% who believe it is stronger under Biden;
  • 71% of likely voters believe Biden’s policies are fully or partly to blame for inflation, compared to 24% who say Biden is not responsible for inflation;
  • 69% to 23% of likely voters affirm that “Biden and Democrats are soft on crime”;
  • 67% to 18% of likely voters believe the country is more divided, not more unified, compared to one year ago.

The one item I am not so sure about is the one that says Biden is out of touch. Whenever there are young kids around, he seems to have plenty of touches. He is extremely successful in reaching out and touching the youth of today….whether they like it or not.

Other areas where voters think Biden is doing a terrible job include immigration (60  to 34%), foreign policy (59% to 36%).

And when it comes to which party is most responsible for high crime rates the respondents pick the Democrats over Republicans by  (48% to 27%).

From The Blaze

Given this data, in addition to data showing Republicans are favored overall on the generic congressional ballot, Schoen and Cooperman predicted that Democrats stand to lose in a “landslide” in 2022.

“If the Democratic Party continues down its current ill-fated path of embracing progressive policies while overlooking manifest political realities, we will almost certainly see a landslide GOP victory in 2022,” the duo wrote at The Hill.


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